New (Moonbounce) WSJT-X "Echo" mode

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by AA5CT, Sep 11, 2019 at 12:24 AM.

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    All I can say is that one of the most exciting contacts that I have ever made was with myself!!!

    When I heard my first CW Echo, back about 35 years ago from the Moon.

    I built a large enough antenna and had good enough preamps, and it worked, it gave me confidence in my ability to build an EME station.
    That was before anybody ever thought about software, Before signals were detected below the noise.
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    Posts in the forum are read by often hundreds or thousands of other hams who have differing experience levels from PhD scientists, to teenagers. It is helpful to give broader explanations or reiterate key points so that that less experience hams can learn.
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    Here is a reception video of the HAARP EME experiment in 2008.

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    EME quickie tutorial

    ****Wrap your head around a 280 dB path loss***How much power and how much antenna gain will it take on HF?

    Wikipedia (Path Loss/Link Budget)
    Earth–Moon–Earth communications[edit]
    Link budgets are important in Earth–Moon–Earth communications. As the albedo of the Moon is very low (maximally 12% but usually closer to 7%), and the path loss over the 770,000 kilometre return distance is extreme (around 250 to 310 dB depending on VHF-UHF band used, modulation format and Doppler shift effects), high power (more than 100 watts) and high-gain antennas (more than 20 dB) must be used.

    • In practice, this limits the use of this technique to the spectrum at VHF and above.
    • The Moon must be above the horizon in order for EME communications to be possible.
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    Eight (8) five element 21Mhz Yagis in a rotatable H mount with 1500W CW drive which yields reception "sometimes" when the Moon is directly on the horizon.

    So simple any Condo or Apartment dweller can do HF EME from their balcony! :)
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    Yes, easy! But seriously, that condo or apartment dweller could easily find the space for EME on one of the microwave bands...

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