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  1. GEORGE1301

    GEORGE1301 QRZ Member

    Looking for how to take the next step in getting involved in Ham equipment and it's proper use.
    Just joined this group from a suggestion from Bud ( kf4vwt ).
    I had purchased some CB equipment to use on the road.
    Great deal..!
    Little about me:
    Marine Corps vet, 1965 to 1974...two tours.
    Was a AE-1 tech on aircraft, F4's & A6's... hated choppers as they leaked a lot of hydraulic fluid.
    Built my first am radio when 16
    When I left the service...did CB work during the 70's...base & mobile.
    I race boats in the APBA class K-Boats. Record holder 1982-84.
    Still do exhibition runs, competing for my last year this year.
    Boat: 1972 Aquacraft, 18ft., 522 BBC, 8-71 Blown on gas.... 158mph+ ( Circle Boat ).
    Have my own machine shop to fabricate aluminum / stainless parts for myself and friends.
    I also do a lot of work for my father on aircraft as he restores "Tail-Draggers" of the 30's thru 70's.
    Look to hear from you folks.

  2. W4KSL

    W4KSL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello George and welcome to an exciting new world of communications. Thank you for your military service.
    You'll get a lot of good advice here. I studied for my exams using hamtestonline. It's a great learning tool. Join a local club when you pass your tech exam. The rest will fall in place. The word CB will bring out some rock throwing just to let you know in advance.
  3. GEORGE1301

    GEORGE1301 QRZ Member

    Appreciate your feedback... :) Will follow up and do this..!
    Yeah...figured the CB aspect would do this, but just wanted to let folks know I guess I did somewhat understand the "electronics" aspect.
    Have my helmet close by....
    Have not been involved with electronics ( radios ) since the 70's so I need to catch up.
    My work has been on large major wood industry machines utilizing a LOT of electrical & electronics to make them run.
    Last few years have been spent doing "retrofits" to these or coupling two together into one machine operation.
    Newer machines are of the Can-Bus design utilizing computer PC's to access for the operators....older machines are just wires & PLC's.
    My last project was up in Washington....three months to complete. Now that I am back down here in California... I still have to log into it to take care of operator errors remotely for multiple companies as this.
    As I get understanding this site to maneuver better... Hope to hear from others as well.
    Take Care... Be Safe.
    Need to get my tail in the is ringing off the hook... :)

  4. N6QIC

    N6QIC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello George,
    Welcome to the world of Ham radio and

    What you will want to do from hear is go your local Ham radio store and buy a Technician manual. Just study the questions and answers enough to pass the exam. There will be plenty of time to learn. All questions and answers are published and you can ether miss 8 or 9 and still pass.

    When you are ready you can take a practice test hear at QRZ or just go to a testing session. I know you can do it. It is easy because there is no morse code anymore. I would not worry about equipment at this point there is plenty of time for that. Just focus on the exam.

    When you pass your exam you can watch for your call sign on the FCC ULS. When you search "Change call sign to name" to search by. As soon as you know your new call sign, you can go on the air.

    Hear at QRZ once you know your call sign you will need to post to the " Database Helpers Forum" and create a new thread with the title.(Please change my username to my new call sign). and list your call sign. An administrator will do this for you.

    Ok well good luck on your exam.
    By the way, My Father 22 years Marine Corps. MCRD San Diego, El Toro MCAS.
    Picture me and Dad, and some video on my page.
    73, Lisa
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2016


    I am new here and want to discuss about Motorola Walkie talkie across all over in India with reasonable cost.
  6. K0RGR

    K0RGR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'd like to help, but I'm not that familiar with Motorola HTs. They are not usually available at a reasonable price here.
    The biggest issue is with programming them. You can't simply download the software and go - you must take the radio to a Motorola dealer or someone with a software license and the correct programming cables. Over here, they usually charge about 3,000 rupees to do it, or more.

    Those of us doing digital with the DMR protocol are mostly using TYT radios. There are many inexpensive Chinese brands of handy talkies, such as Baofeng, that do FM.

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