New ICOM Projects for 8 voice keyer memorie and ATAS controller

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by VE2DX, Dec 31, 2019.

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  1. VE2DX

    VE2DX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok, just to let you folks know of a couple of interresting projects I am working on;

    Project 1 : 8 memories external Voice Keyer Keypad

    The first is a external Voice Keyer keypad for the 7300, 7610 and 9700 (hopefully also 705!), as you know these ICOM radios have 8 keyer memories and ICOM does give use a very simple way to make an external keypad using a resistor matrix via the microphone connector, but and HERE IS THE PROBLEM this resistor matrix is based on the 756Pro series and only offers 4 keys on the external keypad.

    the goal of this first project, is to make ALL 8 memoris available on an external keypad, thanks to a hidden and in some cases not documented CI-V command we can do this, in this project I will be doing so with a simple Arduino Mego board and a TFT Touchscreen with very few other components.

    Project 1 : ICOM to Yaesu ATAS-100/120 automatic antenna tuner/Controller

    The second project is a bit more complex (not mutch), the ideal is to automaticaly control a Yaesu ATAS-100/120 HF screwdriver antenna with an ICOM radio (any!). couple of issues to address; first the voltage interface is DC over the coax, plenty of designs for that on the web, easily done...

    The second is the fact that the antenna does NOT have any position reference feedback, this is a bit more complicated, most ICOM users with this antenna used SWR meter and just moved up or down, well our ideal is similar, except we do that automaticaly, and look at last used freq to decide if we should start by going up or down.

    here are some links

    Project 1: For the the Icom Voice Keyer 8 memories Keypad

    for the video demo of the Icom Voice Keyer 8 memories Keypad.

    for the page about the project.

    Project 2: For the the Icom to ATAS-100/120 automatic tuner controller

    for the demo of the ICOM to ATAS-100/120 controller

    For the page on the ICOM to ATAS-100/120 controller.

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