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Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by 2E1IIP, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. 2E1IIP

    2E1IIP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Please come along and say hello on our new Amateur Radio forum - Ham Radio Today, this can be found at:
    The forum is quite new but it is certainly growing, everybody is welcome from HAM, CB and SWL.

    Cheers and best 73

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  2. KE0DZW

    KE0DZW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    There is nothing to see without first registering.
    Will any parts of this site ever be open to the public to at least view the privacy policy so we can get a feel of what the site is about?
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  3. 2E1IIP

    2E1IIP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sure, I will look to add the privacy policy to the public section along side the forum rules.

    Best Regards

  4. M0DPX

    M0DPX Ham Member QRZ Page

    C'mon rob open it up fella, i do like a good forum :D
  5. 2E1IIP

    2E1IIP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Welcome Frank thanks for registering.
    I have also added a blurb and some other public read-only content for those passing by.


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  6. KE0DZW

    KE0DZW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I really like the idea of a international forum. I'm looking forward to participating.
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  7. G4LJW

    G4LJW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I’ll give it a try - just awaiting an email to get access now.
  8. 2E1IIP

    2E1IIP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    User base is growing nicely, if you have any projects or articles that you would like showcased please drop me or one of the other admin team a note on the forum and we shall accommodate your request.

    Cheers and 73

  9. KL7AJ

    KL7AJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sounds like fun. A couple of weeks ago I was honored to speak to the RSGB convention via Skype. A visit to England is still on my bucket list!
  10. WB5MG

    WB5MG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just checked it out looks like it might be a good fourm, I will sign up after I get thru here , Tks for the heads up WB5MG

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