new ham - need suggestions

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by KE0FYJ, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. W8NGA

    W8NGA Ham Member QRZ Page


    We haven't heard anything and wondering if you were able to get on the air and make any contacts so far? Hope you were able to get your antenna working and you have been on the air. If not, the group here is more than willing to offer suggestions.

  2. KE0FYJ

    KE0FYJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Thanks for all your help! I am hoping to run some coax and get an antenna up on my tower soon; until then, I am just putting my mobile antenna up and hitting some local repeaters. I haven't been able to make any contacts yet, as it is pretty quiet around here. I'm going to try and get my General ticket in a few weeks here also. Once I do that, are there any HF radios that I can get on a very limited budget? Thanks for all the advice everyone!
  3. KB0HVB

    KB0HVB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'll repeat the suggestion that if you can find a "local" club, it is usually beneficial to join. I know it has been of benefit to me to join the local club and get active with them (well, as active as our club seems to get). I've received some used gear from them, lots of advice and suggestions. The reason that I put local in quotes... my "local" club is an hours drive (one way) from me... same distance as the next nearest club too. I would think that where you're at, you should be slightly closer to a club, but I could be wrong.

    There is a hamfest in Cedar Rapids, on Sunday, August 07... yeah, I know that's still a drive (and a bit of time from now), but I don't know of anything in the Waterloo area. You can learn more about hat hamfest at:

    There's Field Day coming up in less than 2 weeks (June 25-26), you could see if there's a group near you at: It's also a great way to meet some local hams, maybe get on the air too. If you're shy about just showing up (and you shouldn't be, any location on that map is open for visits)... and if you're up for the drive, (I believe it'd be about 3.5 hours from you) you're welcome to join our club in Carroll, IA for Field Day.

    And don't forget that QRZ has its Online Swapmeet forum here. Plenty of good used gear and good deals to be found if you're patient... and vigilant. Just be sure to read all the stickys posted there so you know what to expect, and what to avoid... and how things are supposed to work.

    Hope that you meet some local hams, get a great deal on some good gear, and to hear you soon on the radio.

    Edit: Forgot about ARRL's hamfest / swap meet search: So here's a PDF flyer file for the Waterloo hamfest on July 16:
  4. W8NGA

    W8NGA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wish you the best of luck on your upcoming General test!

    Greg W8NGA
  5. K0KB

    K0KB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Can you hit Manchester?

    I can get in to Manchester from my house.

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