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New ham: establishing grounding bus bar

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W3TKB, Sep 27, 2020.

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  1. NN4RH

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    Just as a follow-up, I would not do it that way. Well, as implied earlier, I would not do it at all, but if I did, I would not try to run an extra wire into the box from outside of it. Unless someone can advise that NEC is somehow OK with that or there exists an approved cover plate or device for that purpose.

    Rather, I'd just make a pigtail with a spade terminal on the end, and screw it down under one of the screws holding the cover plate on. Assuming that the receptacle itself is properly grounded, then those screws should be connected to ground as well.


    Actually, there are special ground plug adapters that would accomplish this, too:

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  2. N0TZU

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    I’m curious what his answer was ( not necessarily verbatim), if you would kind enough to share it.
  3. N3HGB

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    You are missing the point a bit. All these things work together as a system, they all affect each other, they use similar sounding names for very different functions, and doing it wrong can possibly do harm to people or property.
    Imagine I asked about the best spark plugs to make my 1275cc Midget go really fast and had neglected to mention I shaved the head, drilled the carb jets, used methanol for fuel, and had crank triggered MSD ignition. It all works together, the spark plugs do not exist on their own.
    Likewise the words "tuner", "n00b", and "dipole" together set off an alarm. It is not at all obvious to everyone how tuners work with coax and dipoles, it seems a logical assumption you tune the antenna with a tuner, but in your case not really.
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  4. NN4RH

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  5. W3TKB

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    OE4KSF - Thanks, good suggestions, and I understood your English perfectly.

    N3HGB - Thanks for detailing your setup and other advice. Also, I realize I may not need the antenna tuner...only mentioned it as it was part if a package deal with radio. (Oh, and what year Midget?)

    W4IOA- Yes you are correct, I have yet to log anything other than FM contacts. I'm in the process of setting up my HF shack, hence the initial question. And no offense taken to the name of that website; sounds like something I need.

    NN4RH- Yes, I was only asking in reference to bonding for AC safety, not lightning protection or RF mitigation. A bus bar may be redundant or not necessary, but can't hurt to be doubly protected. Also, Mr. Silver suggested attachment to the outlet as you described, with a wire (pigtail) to the screws underneath the cover.

    Thanks all.
    Brando W3TKB
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  6. KP4SX

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    See: Ground Loops!
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  7. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm just glad that you a new ham are thinking about grounding and protecting your equipment, you're going to make a great amateur operator!

    Especially since you originally got Novice many years ago. I see many people with great experience coming back into the hobby as you are. You'll be able to help others too, most of these new amateurs have never tuned an analog radio!
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  8. N3HGB

    N3HGB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had a 73 with the round wheel arches and the dual carb 1275 engine.
  9. KB0MNM

    KB0MNM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am not going to say much beyond this: Post #1, #6, #7, #46- and that someone said 'prepare for the deluge'. They also recommended that I stop 'enabling' certain folks. Point taken- I am pretty sure that there was no note of the A.R.R.L. to 'ground loops' in the 2015 QST Station setup article which I cited here on a similar thread in the last month. We were talking about ground loops because there is a total of 2 for stations with A. A bus bar added which is tied via a short path to the place near the meter where neutral is bonded to an earth electrode. B. An ordinary unused 'ground' conductor which starts in the same place, yet also runs to every 3-conductor outlet. - and possibly - the negative side of the A.C. to D.C. power supply used to supply the radio, depending on the status of an internal jumper- depending on certain makers who allow the negative side output to 'float', such that supplies may be combined in series fashion. This means that if said negative to chassis D.C. connection is removed, two 12-14 VDC supplies could be used to supply 24-28 VDC. Please do not expect any further responses for a while- I now have a typical 8 hour workday.
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  10. KP4SX

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