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New DX Club attracts over 250 members during first week

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by MM0TWX, Jun 8, 2018.

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  1. W0PV

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    The FT8 deluge has overwhelmed and forced urgent changes to the popular DX Cluster and Reverse Beacon Networks,

    "“The most striking characteristic of FT8 spots is their sheer quantity,” the RBN announcement said, citing weekday statistics from May 23 and 24 when FT8 spots represented 86% and 87% of all spots, respectively, while CW spots were 13% and 14%, respectively, and RTTY spots were below 1%. Throughput on both days totaled some 30,000 spots."

  2. K7KE

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    A long time ago amplitude modulation was king. Then it was eradicated by SSB. Modes will always evolve. The current anti-FT8 crowd reminds me of the old-time AM'ers who lost their battle to keep AM on top back in the early 60s. I know. I was there. The dog fights were epic. But why the disdain for FT8? FT8 operations don't interfere whatsoever with the SSB or CW portions of our bands. There is room for everybody.

    P.S. I read some ham radi0-related blogs and see constant whining about FT8 coming from guys who apparently aren't even moderately computer literate. They simply can't figure out how to get on they are against it. Some guys think FT8 is via the Internet -- not real ham radio. Sorry they're so uninformed. Without my real world transceiver and my real world antenna, FT8 would not be possible. But they won't listen. I came to digital late...last November. My SSB and CW operations have fallen off substantially -- really only for rare DXPeditions these days. FT8 is the first digital mode that has really appealed to me. I love it -- particularly as this confounded solar cycle continues to decline.
  3. VA3VF

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    In closing: THANK YOU!

    P.S. There is hope. THANK YOU!


    Live and let live!

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