New DVD drive don't

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by KA9VQF, May 28, 2007.

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  1. K5GHS

    K5GHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Could be also that there was something over the reading eye, or in the motor preventing proper rotation, and suddenly by moving it a bit, you jarred it loose or moved it.

    Most of those drives fail due to grime and stuff like that.

    But, then again, I've also seen drives get eaten up because someone put one of those cleaner discs in them (used) and the fibers got into the drive and gummed stuff up too.

    Sometimes I think they are made like microwaves and VCRs (or DVD players) nowadays, where the mean time between failures has been lessened because of shoddy construction on purpose.

    What better way to ensure job security-if you have to buy a new one every 5 years or less [​IMG]
  2. AB8RU

    AB8RU Ham Member QRZ Page

    lets see here

    One : try removing the cards installed and reinstall them

    Two : Check your Device Manager to see if it reconizes everything and you have no conflicts  a Modem and a DVD card using same IRQ for one

    Look for System Properties. in printers and other hardware in Control panel.

    ( yeah I reversed it got you guessing ! )
  3. AB8RU

    AB8RU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Also if all else fails Have Your Reciept they will exchange it.

    Also BTW PC Techs will tell you that sometimes a bad card connector & also clean contacts on card , try another spot.

    also did you double check your drive cable colored stripe is PIN no. 1 #1 Tech problem reversed connector may solve many times over.

    BTW someone from WM corp also visits this site FYI and I know a story of someone put feet in mouth and later destroyed chance for asking for help down the road, only his greed got in way and still has not yet even offered anything in return not even an appology or met the terms, and someone else got the opportunity and humilated at the same time. dude is a person not affiliated with this site as well has no clue in getting a license.
  4. KA9VQF

    KA9VQF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just when you thought you had heard the last of this it becomes an ongoing saga.

    It seems that not all factory burned DVD disks are the same. Even though I bought these disks some of them will not play in my liteon drive.

    I have paid the exorbitant fee to Nero and have a year of their support yet the thing won’t work even with some commercially made disks.

    Oh well I guess. The folks at Nero are not real fast at answering my questions.

    I did download the GNU software that AD4MG posted the link for above but it won’t play certain disks either.

    I do have lots and lots of stuff saved for backup purposes now though and that was really the main reason for putting the DVD drive in here in the first place, well that and the fact that the CD burner had quit working.

    Thanks to all who responded and bothered to read this.
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