New DVD drive don't

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by KA9VQF, May 28, 2007.

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  1. KA9VQF

    KA9VQF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Alright here is my sad story.

    I recently went to Wallyworld and bought a LITEON brand DVD +R/+RW ReWriter drive for my machine here.

    After I installed the drive and turned the machine back on I was forced into a ‘HP Recovery mode’ screen. I couldn’t convince the machine to do anything else.

    I unplugged it and restarted it again. It went directly to the HP recovery thing again so I let it run.

    This returned the HD to the “new out of the box” condition.

    It took me a few days to get the service packs downloaded and reinstalled.

    This new drive came with NERO basics software to run the thing and I have it installed. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it still don’t work.

    Naturally when I go to windows device manager it tells me the drive is working just fine thankyouverymuch.

    Now, I can burn music and data disks but the DVD bit don’t work. The original HP CD/RW drive had been connected with the drive designation jumper set to ‘cable select’ so I put the new one with the same designation.

    When this didn’t work I changed it to ‘master’ and it still didn’t work. I have changed it back to cable select and it still don’t work.

    I’m wondering if the drive is defective. I have e-mailed the LITEON company but haven’t heard back from them yet.

    Any of you got any ideas while I wait for information from liteon?
  2. AB8SG

    AB8SG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've had many Liteon drives, never had a bad one out of the box. Mine are set up as "slave" and "master" rather than cable select. That might be one issue to check. I have mine set up on IDE port 0, as master and slave. (one CDR, the other the DVD burner). My hard drive(s) are all SATA drives. I would go into windows device manager and delete the device for your DVD burner. Uninstall the nero software,then shut down the computer. When it is down, change the jumper on the DVD burner to master, or slave if there is another master device on the same IDE port. (If your hard drive shares the same data cable, it must be jumpered to master, the DVD drive to slave.)When you turn on the computer, windows should find the new device and install the drivers for it automatically. Once windows properly recognizes the drives, then install the nero burning software.
  3. WD8OQX

    WD8OQX Ham Member QRZ Page

    First thing that comes to mind is - will your computer support this DVD drive. Read the spec & see. (found out some older ones won't when I tried to get one for my older machine)

    second is - bad drive, take it back & try another.
  4. KA9VQF

    KA9VQF Ham Member QRZ Page

    The system requirements are within what my machine has to offer. I actually have about twice the ram required and plenty of spare hard disk space.

    HP offered a DVD RW drive for this machine I just didn’t want to pay the extra $ when I bought this one. I have two standalone DVD players as it is.

    Some time has passed since I got this one and you can buy a new computer that has the DVD RW built in and you get a LCD screen for the same money. Maybe I should just get a new computer and save myself all this hassle.

    I really didn’t need the DVD capability its just that the original CD/RW quit working and I felt the need to have one again. This device was at a really good price so I got it instead of a genuine HP device.

    I have also discovered it doesn’t burn music disks as well as I thought. My daughter burned the first on it and it seemed to play fine on the machine here but when she got home it only played about half way through then it is really light and skips a lot.

    I’m leaning more and more toward having gotten a lemon. Generally I don’t get a bad one of anything. Guess my luck may have changed.

    And AB8SG, I have already tried changing the jumper to all the different configurations I have available. I did try uninstalling all the software and letting the computer find the right software for me. Even connected to the internet so it could search for the newest and bestes.

    I suppose after the holiday someone at Liteon will get around to sending me some information. They may have a whole data bank full of ‘how to’s’ stashed and be able to fix me up.

    It still is probably operator error instead of mechanical error but since it really doesn’t even burn a CD properly I’m thinking mechanical problem more than not.
  5. KC4RAN

    KC4RAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do you mean that it won't play DVD movies?
  6. K5GHS

    K5GHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some DVD burner drives won't burn some blank DVD's without current drivers for some odd reason.

    Make sure you have the latest and greatest drivers for it.

    Also, don't buy cheap burnable DVDs. DVD format writes data much tighter than regular CD-you'll notice more problems on cheapo DVDs than cheapo CD's.

    Make sure you're not doing much else with the computer when you're burning too-unless you have a mondo machine, you don't want it going max out 100% CPU with a lot of other stuff running-you'll get video with the sound running a few seconds behind, and getting worse as it encodes.

    I personally have a USB external LG DVD burner. When I'm burning, I shut down all other active programs. CPU runs about 90-95%, but as long as you don't see massive 100% peaks, the sound works right. RAM is good, but available CPU seems to be the benchmark for good DVD burns.

    So far I've imported all of my old 8mm camcorder stuff into the computer and made them into DVDs. I learned after the first one about closing everything down and dedicating the computer to it when doing it. Though it sounded funny, someones lips moving then the sound 3 seconds later wasn't good quality [​IMG]
  7. KA9VQF

    KA9VQF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bingo! you nailed it.

    When I open the DVD playing software and put a disk in it the drive makes a bunch of spinning noise and the software tells me the drive is busy then after the noise quits it tells me there is no disk in the drive.

    I have put several different DVD disks in thinking the one I had at first was somehow defective. All the disks play fine in my standalone DVD player hooked up to my TV.

    I have some JVC burnable DVD media here but haven’t bothered even loading it since the drive isn’t working right.
  8. KC4RAN

    KC4RAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would first try only commercial video DVDs first - get it working with that. Second, try a few different pieces of software, not just Nero. You may only have Nero Burning Rom, which may or may not include the DVD playback module.
  9. AD4MG

    AD4MG Banned QRZ Page

    Sounds like you're machine doesn't have the decoder necessary to play DVD's. For the Windows Media Player, several "codecs" ... coder/decoder for the mpeg3 format used on DVD's are available for purchase on the MS web site.

    There is a free GNU video player available at

    VideoLAN VLC Media Player Here

    I downloaded and installed it recently on a machine that I added a DVD drive to. Works terrific ... just as good as the one on our XP Media Center OS equipped machine.

    If the problem is a missing codec, this will fix that problem!

    Good luck!

  10. AD4MG

    AD4MG Banned QRZ Page

    I have Ahead Nero 6.33, and it does not include the decoder for playing DVD's. They also offered it for purchase.

    Some high end video cards ship a decoder on their installation disc. Nvidia is one that I've seen include codecs on their installation CD's.

    Take the easy way out ... the GNU application I listed the link for is an excellent piece of software ... many features ... and it's free, which is best of all!

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