NEW CHA F-LOOP 2.0 from Chameleon Antenna is NOW AVAILABLE!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KI6TRA, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. WU3U

    WU3U Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sounds like you’re on the right track with getting tuned up.

    While reading your latest post I thought of something that may or may not be a slight difference between our setup. When I ordered my CHA P Loop 2.0 I also bought the optional booster kit. I don’t think I’ve ever used the small loop that came with the antenna kit other than to set it up one time and to be sure that the connectors were OK and the loop would tune. Here’s a link to the kit.

    If Chameleon’s data is correct, on the main page for the Loop 2.0 the efficiency is double that of the standard loop on 40-80. On 20 it’s really pretty good compared to the standard loop.

    I’m nit suggesting that you run right out and buy the booster kit but at QRP power or slightly higher, double the efficiency is nothing to sneeze at.
  2. WN1MB

    WN1MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    1.1:2 ?


    Welcome to 10 meters during the solar cycle minimum valley. Read up on propagation and specifically MUF. You'll select bands more appropriately after doing so.

    Contest periods provide a lot of activity on the bands, which you can use to your advantage. Though search-and-pounce mode isn't fun with such a narrow bandwidth antenna, you're likely to get more stations logged than during non-contest periods.

    Happy trails.
  3. K9NEY

    K9NEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting. Now I finally understand the booster kit. It's NOT the same as the 80m kit and it's NOT the alu loop either. I might look into that for field use - at home I'm using the aluminum loop.

    I know I know...late night brain freeze. Well spotted though!

    My current conclusion is, it's probably something in my environment. Something might be messing with my signal where I live. I have an EMF field tester and could not detect any significant interfering sources around my station. Maybe it's other houses nearby. I can detect strong readings from the antenna though on Tx so it's definitely working. It would be great if somebody (Carl perhaps?) could hint what the field strength should be on both the F - Loop with Alu and Coax at say 5' or 10' away from the outer plane of the loop when Tx 25w on say 40m. Is there a table or data source I could use as a guideline for testing purposes? That way I could find out whether it's the set up of the antenna/setting of the radio that's flawed or if something's interfering somewhere else along the path of the signal.

    Ah and thanks for the idea of utilizing contests for testing distance. So far I've seen it as an annoyance when all of a sudden the band is totally overcrowded with amped up signals coming from crazy antenna systems. No chance here with my little 25W. Trying it the second day though when the first wave has gone down and the operators with their multi thousand dollar rigs might actually be willing to use all their filtering abilities by trying to pull out my weak signal inststead of just going for the loudest is a great idea! I'll give that a go.[/QUOTE]
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  4. WU3U

    WU3U Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ok, now I just realized that I have been talking about the P Loop 2.0 which I own and you are using the F Loop 2.0. My bad. Those are two different loops with the same overall idea.

    You mention that you are using the aluminum loop so that means that you must have the high efficiency kit to use with your F Loop 2.0. If that’s the case you should be doing fine. I think that by accident, you just haven’t worked a far contact.

    As I mentioned earlier you just have to stay patient and enjoy the contacts that you are making until the conditions happen to be right and that distant station that you are trying to work is listening.

    I may have missed this but are you setting up inside or outside?
  5. K9NEY

    K9NEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Outside. Inside it's hopeless for some reason. Not sure why since it's not even a brick building. Would be nice, no doubt, but it doesn't bother me too much sitting in the backyard instead. As I said, to me it's a field antenna so I don't really expect it to work well inside. Are you having much success inside? Also, you mentioned 1300mile contacts. That was on SSB, right? Do you do much digital?

    I'm actually planning to conduct two field tests. One on a mountain nearby and one at the beach. I want to see if the effects of a large body of (sea)water next to a mag loop are as pronounced as they are with a vertical. The mountain will likely not work well since I won't be going up all the way (too much snow) but rather half way up. This means I'll be facing in the wrong direction (West) - unless I want to contact Japan which is unlikely to happen I'll be probably having worse results than from my backyard. At the beach however, I could imagine with the help of the surface of the water I might have a chance of reaching Japan.
  6. WU3U

    WU3U Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've set it up inside but I just can't get it to tune well because of the surroundings inside of the house. I've never even tried to make a contact in the house because I won't key up with the sub-par SWR.

    My long contacts have been on 20m. I had YV5ENI in Venezuela on the hook one morning on 20m. He's 2200 miles from me! He had my call but kept messing up one letter. Obviously not a QSL but I was happy that he kept hearing me. After about 5 exchanges he gave up and moved on. He's a good one to listen for on the weekend mornings, typically around 14.240 +/- a little. That dude just likes making contacts, never more than just exchanging call signs. He might be on a little early for you being that you are on pst time.

    I've just started working FT8 and haven't setup the loop since working FT8. Once some snow melts here I'll be back outside with it and I'll give it a try on digital.
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  7. OH8STN

    OH8STN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've sent you a couple of emails as well Carl. Even replied to emails you sent me but getting no response at the moment.

    Julian oh8stn
  8. KI6TRA

    KI6TRA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes - I posted on our Facebook page that during the last 2 weeks or so, we lost a HUGE amount of emails (hundreds of them) that we'll never get back. We had server migration toward office 365 but the person who did the migration made a mistake.... Everything should be back in order. So if any of you tried to send us something during the last 2 or 3 weeks and never got any replies PLEASE send the email back and we'll take care of them as soon as we can.

  9. W1ND

    W1ND Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Reviving this older thread. I can’t seem to find the F Loop Plus 2.0 available any more. I had an Alex loop that I had mixed reviews on, the aluminum construction on the F Loop Plus 2.0 really drew my interest. I was on a QSO with a guy from NC a few nights ago, he was running 5W into one, I dropped my KX3 down to 5W and we kept going for a while. Am I too late to the party?
  10. WU3U

    WU3U Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wait......I now see you ar eloping for the F Loop Plus 2.0. The link above is just the F Loop 2.0. My mistake

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