New call sign& logs

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by 2E0PKH, Jun 23, 2018.

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  1. 2E0PKH

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    Hi, I have changed my call sign from M6PKH to 2E0PKH & now my log book won't update from log4om, it used to do it automatically when a log was added to log4om. If I put a call sign into log4om I can use log4om lookup button so it looks up the data at so I know that log4om is talking to, so I must have the password/username right, just that log4om won't upload the log, it has got to be something that I have not ticked or changed some where but were.

    many thanks.

    Paul. 2e0pkh.
  2. AA6YQ

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  3. 2E0PKH

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    Hi AA6YQ, it is all sorted now & working fine, thanks for your input.

    73's Paul. 2E0PKH.
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