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New Baofeng 144/220 MHZ transceiver the UV-82X

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by K4TEC, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. KC3BSH

    KC3BSH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just bought a UV 82 and for the most part I'm happy with. I was in town the other day and hit the local repeater with it and talked to a guy some 30 miles away. He said I had a great signal. Now I live out in the country in a very dead valley spot. With a mobile antenna I was able to hit that same repeater some 25 miles away and participate in a local net. Not everyone could hear me clearly but some could. What I don't like about the unit is it is hard to charge the battery. It doesn't operate like it is supposed to. I am able so far to get it to charge but this could be a real issue. Question, I know I can make contacts but the 2 meter band seems very dead. And this is in the Baltimore metro area. Is this band not in use much anymore?


  2. PD0AC

    PD0AC Ham Member QRZ Page


    you're not the only one. The UV-82 charger is designed very poorly and very unreliable. You can probably fix it yourself though. Check this post and see if it matches your problem.

  3. K3NXU

    K3NXU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here's a Follow Up on my own question...
    The Workman 220 antenna was received the other day and testing did show a bit of an improvement.
    It does come with a BNC connector, but I'm a "connector collector". An SMA-F to BNC solved the interface issue.

    If your Pet Band is 220MHz I would recommend giving one a try.

    John K3NXU . . .
  4. N1NQC

    N1NQC Ham Member QRZ Page


    Although I am not really interested in these radios I will say that your antenna/height/feed line should be first priority.Gain (on transmit AND receive) is easy to come by on 2m and higher.Marginal FM is tough to listen to after a while.

    I'd optimize you antenna system first, then add power later.

  5. W6VHK

    W6VHK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yup, it sure is .........
  6. K4TEC

    K4TEC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes this is Martyn K4TEC of Radio-Mart, guess you didn't see the links and obvious statement?
  7. K7IQ

    K7IQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just received my UV-82 (144/220) radio and, knowing how to program my UV-5R into channels just fine, I cannot
    for the life of me figure out how to put VFO into channels successfully. I can't seem to find a decent show me how
    tutorial on the web either like I did for the UV5R... Does any body know hot to do this from the keyboard ?

    I can use chirp or something but may not always have a computer handy so I would like to learn how.

    Too bad also you have to turn the radio off and on just to alternate frequency and channel mode.

    Any tips would be appreciated !

    Other than this, the audio is very good.

  8. K7IQ

    K7IQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Found what I was looking for on the programming...

    It's like the UV-5R but needs to make sure it's programmed from the top memory rather than the low memory.
    Works !

    Oh, these radios also have a problem with the front end evidently that makes them very susceptible to opening up the squelch sporatically so I programmed in the Receive CTCSS to fix that problem.
  9. WA8LGM

    WA8LGM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I saw one of those while talking to a friend on Skype. Looks interesting. However, the dual position PTT switch did prove to be interesting. A band switch might have been a better idea, but I really don't think that it draws any utility away from this very good radio. 73!
  10. W8MRL

    W8MRL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Does anyone have a brand and model number of a good aftermarket 2m/1.25cm antenna for the UV-82X ? I'm having trouble finding one. Diamond, Comet, MFJ - I'm sure one of them makes one but I'm not finding it.

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