New ARRL directors

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N3AWS, Nov 21, 2021.

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  1. W5INC

    W5INC Ham Member QRZ Page

    That development program only works with a dynamic, non self serving group of non partisan individuals, that don't have their collective personal agendas in front of the ARRL's members. Along with executing efficiently the programs that are deemed worthy by the Members of the ARRL. Easy to see personal agendas abound at the top of the ARRL unfortunately. Who actually owns all of the real property now in the possession of the ARRL? If the members do not own this real property, who/what entity does? Nobody knows?

    Simple questions, yet can't be answered by the mouthpieces for some reason why. No answers to the "lying by omission" query from the mouthpieces as of yet. What the mouthpieces have left out of the donation/W1AW OP time project is the fact that the FCC has given written waivers to their pecuniary many times in the past. So why haven't the mouthpieces offered up this information in this thread, when laying out all of their supposed reason for why the project can't happen? Are they so inept, that they did not know the FCC has issued these waivers in the past, or is it they have their own personal agenda in the forefront of their actions and not the member's best interest. So we have poison A that the legal herd is inept, not keeping up with legal instruments that directly effect AR. Or poison B, that they have their own fiefdom they are running up yonder at their leisure? So the development committee is nothing more then a smoke and mirrors subterfuge action and has little to no real merit, or bring much needed change to this sinking ship.

    Do I know for 100% certain that the donation/W1AW OP time project will be a "success"? I can tell you honestly, I can't predict the final outcome, donation wise but a lot of folks do operate at W1AW when allowed to use the Member's property and ARRL sponsored/WW contests do attract a lot of AR OPs to the bands. I will sure donate money to the club if this project does happen.
  2. W0IS

    W0IS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Only one, but if you have your heart set on making a couple of QSO's with that coveted call, send me a private message, and I'm sure we can work something out. But no money will change hands.

    And unlike W1AW, where anyone can walk in off the street and operate after showing their license, the ability to operate W0IS is extremely limited.
  3. N4QX

    N4QX Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Against my advice, y'all continue to feed the charitable gaming fetishist.

    Getting on topic, with an acknowledgement that I have my biases:

    As for the new Directors: The incumbents they replace were elected in the 2018 election. 2018 was largely a referendum on the actions of another then-sitting Director and another then-recently-serving CEO. Fair or not for the two other incumbent Directors who were defeated in 2018 (both of whom ran again this year and both of whom I like), the verdict of the referendum was clear.

    The subjects of the 2018 referendum are now long gone. Of the four Directors who were elected in 2018, the two who were unopposed this cycle (both of whom I like) have done an unquestionably good job of engaging their members. The other two (both of whom I like) seemed to fall short on that front from my vantage point (I live in one of the Divisions and used to live in the other). In a job subject to periodic election, that engagement is vital. The results are an object lesson on that point.

    He Who Testified Before Congress and He Who Retired For Tax Reasons are just not as relevant in 2021 as they were in 2018 (particularly because the former wasn't among those who ran again). Different issues, real or perceived, led to different results.

    I would be surprised and disappointed to see movement toward the 2016-18 era governance philosophy. The prime movers are too gone, and those who remain (or who are returning) are too smart not to have gotten the message of 2018.

    ARRL will be OK, and we need it to be, as it is uniquely situated to do all number of profoundly unsexy things that absolutely have to get done for amateur radio to remain relevant and healthy. For this reason alone, American amateurs should be members, no matter who wins their elections, who runs the place, or whatever position the organization may have taken that ¶!$$€$ one off.
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  4. W0IS

    W0IS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think you are right. I don't think I ever had any occasion to talk to my director until the events you mentioned. I didn't like the way that governance was headed, so I sent an e-mail to my director, and if I recall correctly, I sent it on January 1, 2018, the very day he took office. I took pains to point out that mine wasn't the typical rant of those who believe the League can't do anything right (of which I'm sure they get many), but that I was concerned about the direction that the board's governance was headed.

    I sent this e-mail, and about 5 minutes later, my phone rang, and we had a nice discussion. I got the impression that he took my concerns seriously, and that he agreed with most of them. In general, I was quite satisfied with the interaction.

    I happened to reach out to him one other time on another issue, and let him know my opinion. Once again, he seemed to agree with me for the most part. However, it subsequently became clear that an overwhelming majority of the membership disagree with me, and the League went along with the overwhelming majority. C'est la vie. I still think they made the wrong decision on that particular point, but ham radio will probably survive.

    This director wasn't typical of the upper echelon of League leadership. He has (gasp) a General class license, and at the time he was a director, his address was an apartment, so I assume he didn't have a big HF station at home. I think I have worked him, because he is an avid VHF contester, and he has done a fair amount of portable operation, such as NPOTA, and tourist-class DXpeditions. I've seen him at hamfests, both in his official capacity as director, and after he left office as he had the usual selection of junque for sale.

    He was up for re-election last year, and had one challenger who was apparently endorsed by the "pro-transparency" faction (of which I was a supporter). The challenger, who is a well-known ham, is in my log many times, and is eminently qualified for the position. And his biography is very similar to what we are accustomed to see in ARRL leadership: He has a prominent HF signal, he's there for every contest, and I'm sure he is high in the DXCC standings. In short, he's a very able director. He ultimately won the election, and I'm sure he's serving well.

    But I couldn't think of any good reason to vote against the other guy. As far as I can tell, the only reason to get rid of him was because there was a general housecleaning in progress, and the old guard had to go. Even though, as far as I can tell, he didn't take any "anti-transparency" actions while on the board, he was guilty by association.

    I asked around for advice on who to vote for, including on the "My ARRL Voice" group on Facebook, which sprung up in 2018. When I asked there about the election, I only got one reply, and that was from the "My ARRL Voice" account, which, as far as I can tell, is anonymous. This anonymous account, without giving any specifics, simply told me that the incumbent was anti-transparency. I thought it was kind of ironic that the anonymous account was telling me that someone else was anti-transparency, especially since they didn't offer any examples when asked.

    I also asked in a local group, and there wasn't much interest in the election. Strangely enough, the one comment I got was from someone who said he was voting for the new guy for a very strange reason. Apparently, the incumbent had some kind of online forum, and he was asked about the departure of former CEO Howard Mickel. This was after Howard was already gone, and apparently the incumbent director gave some indication that he thought it was probably a good thing that Howard was gone.

    This guy's take on it was that the Howard wasn't given a fair chance, and that the incumbent director should have put his support behind him. Of course, the main reason his contract wasn't renewed is because the "pro-transparency" faction lacked confidence in him. I don't know if the new director ever took a position on it, but I doubt if he would have voted to keep Howard.

    As pro-transparency as I am, I didn't see any good reason to vote against the incumbent. When I asked for reasons, I got two reasons. One was that, according to an anonymous voice, he was anti-transparency. The other reason was that he didn't show adequate support for Howard.

    But the mood was apparently in favor of house cleaning, and the incumbent lost. The new guy, I'm sure, will make an excellent director. If I have any concerns, I'm sure he will listen to me, just as his predecessor did. But it also seems to me that there's something to be said for having a few directors who live(d) in an apartment and have a (gasp) General class license. That voice ought to be heard as well, it seems to me.
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  5. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm good with it. AB1OC has done well with the Nashua Area Radio Society
    I am hopeful he will have continued success at the ARRL.

    The New England district is very fortunate to have had 3 quality choices. There wasn't a "bad choice" on the ballot, examplified by how close the vote tally was.
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  6. W5INC

    W5INC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is that the advice that you offer in the PM flavor? When the facts of the case are on your side pound the facts. When the Law is on your side, pound the Law. When neither the facts or the Law are on your side, pound opposing counsel? :rolleyes: You must be the same guy running the new idea development department, along with stifling the member elected ARRL figureheads that can't talk to the folks who elected them to office. What Banana Republic does this happen in? Must be the same 1 that doesn't allow the free and open exchange of ideas and where grievances that any ARRL member has, to be posted on the Club's own website. Good thing the ZED is here offering up some Free Press as there is plenty of censorship happening over yonder. Who over there @ the ARRL is in charge of the website's censorship Kommrade?

    The future of League is in good hands has Junior Samples selling that Lemon. When was any major renovation preformed a @ ARRL's HQ to bring those facilities into the 21st Century? Money is dirt cheap right now, plus 40 million(?) in cash in the bank sitting there doing nothing, instead of really investing in the ARRL"s future. Building a new lab/classroom so your local schools in the most densely populated portion of the Country can partake of the offerings. Have a Lab director inputting his knowledge and Life experiences into the curriculum, so the younger generations hopefully build on the knowledge bestowed upon them thru the program. Sounds like a much better use of this talented ARRL employee, then having him proof reading antiquated QST build articles that nobody wants to build, plus the parts aren't available any more. Does this sound like a good use of a very valuable resource?

    More then a few ARRL members are in the teaching profession and their valuable real World experiences should be asked for, when building a curriculum for the Pinnacle of AR Clubs. When school children aren't in the new 21st Century lab, open it to the members for working continuing educational Forums, such as EME work, satellite work and all of the other assorted flavors that are in the AR environment. Skype and Zoom broadcast these events along with recording them warehoused at the rarely used (-LOTW) ARRL website. These same new facilities can house all of the BOD important and the proceedings broadcast to all ARRL members who wish to participate. Since the new lab will be Zoom capable, the ARRL can offer up virtual classroom learning to students who can't make the trek to Newington. I would rather donate my money to supply a "student" a science kit to be used i an ARRL virtual learning event, then to buy a worthless stick pin nobody wants, or a cheaply made red brick. Does a cheaply made red brick, or a stick pin nobody wants, plant a seed that might just change a person's Life for the better?

    When implementing a course of action it won't be 100% perfect and course corrections might have to be implemented. But that is a far better thing, then to stand around, hands in your pockets, staring at the ground while shuffling your feet around doing nothing. There is a cost to doing nothing and that harvest usually happens years down the road. The mausoleum up in Newington is proof of that, housing the living dead that now reside there.

    These new facilities should have new AR OP positions to be built, instead of the cobbled together hobbits that now reside at the 80+ year old original HQ building. The AR Club that is leading the pack should have newest technically advanced OP positions, that are on par with a club that is truly leading the pack in the AR Club universe. Have amenities included where refreshments, food can be consumed at, with folks bringing what they want to eat. ADA compliant restrooms that are up to 21st Century requirements for the less ambulatory visitors to HQ. Offer a up a Ham boot camp of sorts where folks from around the USA can visit the ARRL, local area for a few days, while getting license/upgrade class or some other AR related endeavor. With all of the local community partners that the ARRL has built relationships with over the years, getting local hotels to offer up a great rate to the visiting participants of these programs should be no problem. Yearly flea markets held at HQ? Have local food vendors and hotels with discount rates setup for the flock when visiting Newington for this yearly shabang.

    I have been looking and trying to find a list of all of the community partners the ARRL has garnered over these 100+ years in this highly populated portion of the USA. People who work with the ARRL, because the ARRL's free educational classes might just benefit their children, or garner additional revenue for their business, or just a great community partner. This must be a really long list????? :rolleyes: HQ is a unique in the World and it is clear to see, the powers that be don't know how to market the "mecca" of AR for the benefit of ARRL members, local communities and for the entire AR environment they claim to represent.

    The ARRL needs to be in the forefront of technology and can't even Zoom ARRL meetings/classes to the members that want to participate in these projects. The future of any club/hobby/sport is in the younger generations. Any major sport has organized junior programs along with more then a few on the educational side of things. For some more good reading puruse the LOTW thread I started here on the Zed a few years back. Start a new thread?

  7. KE0GXN

    KE0GXN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    In the grand scheme of things I can care less if the League wants to shill op time at W1AW in the guise of a raffle…:rolleyes: I am personally not interested…they already get $49 bucks from me. I think my bucket list will be “okay” if I never ever get to sit in the W1AW shack. Somehow, I’ll mange to try and live a happy all fulfilling life otherwise.

    Pretty soon they’ll be on YouTube asking for superchats, likes and who knows what else. Welcome to the 21st century, where everyone wants to be cool and a big piece of what is in your pockets…SMH.
  8. N4QX

    N4QX Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Someone needs to check any QST masthead from December 2016 onward for what's not there . . .
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  9. W1BR

    W1BR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner that Fred also intended. He has the knowledge to grow our hobby. Very impressed.
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  10. WR3V

    WR3V Ham Member QRZ Page

    Fill us in, please. Maybe Dave Sumner?
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