New app for Linux users: wsjtx_to_n3fjp

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by W3DJS, May 29, 2019.

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  1. W3DJS

    W3DJS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    While Windows PC users can use JTAlert to act as a conduit between WSJT-X and N3FJP logging software, there has existed no such solution for Linux users...until now!

    I am pleased to announce that I have created a utility (in Python), aptly named wsjtx_to_n3fjp and it may be found on GitHub here:

    If you find this software useful, I would appreciate it if you sent me a QSL card. (I love getting those.)



  2. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    How are you running N3FJP software under Linux? Wine? I have been looking for a way out of Windows for years, and the only application holding me there is N3FJP... :)
  3. W3DJS

    W3DJS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Dave,

    Before I answer your question, please understand that wsjtx_to_n3fjp does not require N3FJP to run under Linux. wsjtx_to_n3fjp communicates over the network, so N3FJP can be running on a separate Windows laptop or desktop computer, or even within a virtualized Windows environment, such as VMware or VirtualBox can provide under Linux.

    That said, I am personally running N3FJP under WINE. I had to install some additional software, mainly DotNet, but it works well for me once I figured it all out.

    See this screen capture of N3FJP running under WINE on Ubuntu Linux:



  4. W7UUU

    W7UUU Super Moderator Lifetime Member 133 Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Nicely done, Dave :)

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  5. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wow... Very well implemented sir!!! I never even thought of using the net as a transit medium... Now that I know it works, I will start moving that direction!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Will this be showing up in the repositories?
  7. W3DJS

    W3DJS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It is in a repository -- GitHub! :)

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