\"New-Age Truths\" About the CW Debate

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Dec 1, 2000.

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    Article by Marty Fenik

    Marty has a few choice words to say about the existential
    nature of ham radio, and more specifically, Morse Code
    and why some folks either naturally adapt to it, or, end
    up hating it for life...



    NEW = GOOD

    OLD = BAD

    INSTANTANEOUS Gratification = GOOD

    DELAYED Gratification = BAD

    UNPRINCIPLED = GOOD (WINNING must prevail; keeping radio spectrum by overpopulation)

    PRINCIPLED = BAD (Playing FAIR must prevail; earning radio spectrum by MERIT)

    ORDINARY = GOOD (FORCED Equal OUTCOME / Sameness; Few license classes)

    DISTINCTION = BAD (ALLOWED Equal OPPORTUNITY; Various license classes)

    LIMITED UNIVERSE of individual CW knowledge = GOOD (Personal lack of experience is "GOOD LAW" on which to base decisions)

    UNLIMITED UNIVERSE of all CW knowledge = BAD (I recognize that my view may be limited so I draw from a larger pool of external knowledge to ascertain truth)

    Abstract REJECTION = GOOD ('Musical Element' of CW)

    Abstract APPRECIATION = BAD ('Musical Beauty' of CW)

    Although more could be said, one conclusion is: CW should be BANNED because it is BAD, BAD, BAD! Also, easier tests should be administered so greater numbers can flock into The Amateur Radio Service. The larger herd will encourage copious FCC frequency allocations, which in turn, will generate widespread happiness. Ultimately, the final stop will be a new world, where overcrowding and lowered standards are embraced.


    Marty Fenik, N2IRJ

    PS The above stated "New-Age" Philosophy is an anathema to all elements of my being. --N2IRJ
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