New 2 meter repeater CW teaching method developed

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by KB6PJU, Sep 9, 2015.

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  1. KB6PJU

    KB6PJU Ham Member QRZ Page

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    Learning Morse Code (CW) is more fun with friends. In San Diego,Ca. a group is learning CW with a friendly interactive environment. One hour every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday KB6PJU, Mark, operates a net on the local Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon Repeater and practices with other Hams learning CW. Some participate by phonetically reading back the sent code and many others listen in. On any given day Hams can be heard discussing the code practice with happy voices via other local repeaters.

    This has taken time to develop. Mark was unable to learn morse code due to his Multiple Sclerosis. WA6FFT-Phil, spent a lot of time helping him learn CW while he was recovering from a broken hip. This worked so well on 10 meters that Mark developed a new kind of teaching on the local repeater.
    He built a microphone and speaker stand for his 2 meter rig to transmit tones and set up the program “Just Learn Morse Code” on his lap top computer. The program is versatile and capable of the Farnsworth Method with speed and spacing adjustments on the fly . Thursday meetings are geared to new and returning Hams. The code is slowed to accommodate new learning or just refreshing abilities.

    During practice the members hear five letter, number, and punctuation groups. They then hear common QSO phrases to become familiar with CW QSO's. A member suggested that each session have a grouping of the members call signs. After each transmission several of the group are called on to phonetically read back what they copied. General fun and laughter encourages the shy members. During these read backs members find out what their personal “Kryptonite” letters are so they can focus on their own weaker characters. During the practice members are also taught clear handwriting, net protocol, and common short-cuts that experienced Hams use to make CW more compact.

    This teaching method is geared to be interactive for each person in the group. Practice like this helps any Ham in refining or learning CW . This is learning Morse Code in a fun, friendly participating environment. So far this method has great results according to the members. A.R.C.E.C 2m/440 repeater
  2. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Morse Practice thru the Local repeater

    Don't just hold the mic up to one of those raspy sounding CPO boxes !

    Quite a few years ago I had some firends interested in starting a code practice group on a local Club 220MHz repeater.
    Since I was actively on CW and on the VHF FM scene, and I had a full junk parts box, I whipped together a sine wave generator out of a modified Motorola radio "PL" board using a tone reed from a pocket pager to get a nice 600 Hz tone.
    I added a key input that controlled a reed relay that turned the osc output on and off.
    I could plug in a Key, Bug or the output from my electronic keyer.
    Finally a switch was added to become a PTT for my 220MHz FM rig and another to switch a mic input on and off for going from code practise tone to voice on 220. .
    The audio and switching outputs were connected to a mic cord that went to my 220 FM rig.
    A little adjustment of the tone level gave a nice note on the air thru the reapeter and we had the Morse learners group on the air !
  3. KB6PJU

    KB6PJU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wish you could participate in our sessions,even as a fly on the wall like WA6FFT does. My bunch has a ball decoding text lines like "Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas to bed" and mark Twain quotes, all members have improved rapidly. We are having FUN on the Ham radio hobby. Having waited 30 years to be able to copy the morse code line at the end of Iron Butterfly-Butterfly Theme,due to being unable to leave a space and backfill later, I am now relishing CW contacts DX worldwide. It sounds like y'all were also having fun with the hobby. What a concept,EH ??? 73 OM,es tnx reply... dit dit

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