Needing to turn off Yaesu FT 450D in order to Tune.

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by N3SE, Feb 27, 2021.

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  1. K2CD

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    The only time my Yaesu radios do not transmit a signal but appear to key up is if I am out of band. Even one Hertz out of band will cause the rig to not transmit. Not saying this is what you're doing. Just an observation on my end. It wouldn't make sense though, that cycling the radio on and off, a couple of times would put the rig back in band, or for that matter, repair your tuner.

    What you're describing is very mysterious. Spooky tuning. I would explore if the rig is possibly locking up from some bad juju flowing back down the coax from the G5RV, and only occuring on 75/80 meters. Heaven knows, when I force RF into my G5RV on 160 through my tuner, weirdness happens in the house sometimes.
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  2. AA5MT

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    Check your radio swr and reflected power. It appears that there is no power from the radio if both tuner meters show zero. This is a common mistake if you are in ssb mode. No talk equals no output.

  3. G8FXC

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    I would do the continuity test first - it should be pretty easy! Just run through making sure that all moving contacts - as in switches and the roller inductor - are showing low resistance. If it's an MFJ, also check for good contact between components and the chassis where appropriate. I just took delivery of an MFJ-1700C antenna switch - it appeared well built with no loose screws or dry joints, but the isolation between ports was less than claimed. I buzzed it through and discovered that MFJ were relying on the aluminium chassis for the ground return, but had not done a very good job of preparing that chassis for the job. There were several places where a PL259 socket was bolted to the chassis but there was a significant resistance between it and the chassis. I guess that they must paint the chassis before assembly and clean enough to make contact between the socket and chassis - but don't always get it right. I added an earth strap between each socket, trapping it under one of the screws and soldered to the ground tab at the switch mechanism - the performance of the switch was significantly improved.

    Martin (G8FXC)
  4. G0HBS

    G0HBS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi I also have a FT450d and up to fairly recently used a G5RV .I also use a manual tuner and an auto 2.5Kw one when using the linear. Set the C.S/Voice button to SWR. Page16 of the manual . This gives you a complete 10W To safely play with at the atu for tune up at the press of one button, if you hear the heat sink fans start, give it a minute. You don't need any high power.
    Roger (G0HBS
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