Need help with SatPC32 and IC-970a

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by N8NMG, Sep 28, 2021.

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  1. N8NMG

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    Having a weird problem with SatPC32 and IC-970A radio.
    I have the radio working okay with CAT control, and doppler corrections.
    BUT there is something odd goin' on with the Downlink and Uplink freqs going by CAT to the radio.
    SatPC32 shows a Downlink freq for 70cm and an Uplink freq on 2m. Seems reasonable for the satellite in range (AO-27 for example). upload_2021-9-27_18-55-16.png

    When I select the satellite for tracking SatPC32 CAT sends the 70cm downlink freq to the Tx/Rx main band and the 2m uplink freq to the Rx only sub band on the radio. But that's backwards! I need to transmit on the Tx/Rx main band on 2m, and receive on the Rx only sub band on 70cm.
    Huh? Those are flipped! What the bark? The top band is the Main (Tx/Rx) the bottom is the Sub (Rx only).
    Pretty brain twisting don't ya think?

    I have googled myself silly and probed the SatPC32 manual till my eyeballs nearly burst. No help.

    Anyone have this problem with SatPC32 and IC970a before?
    Anyone find a link / doc / thread / discussion on this?

    Please and thanks
    de KE8RDI Dayton, OH
  2. AD0HT

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  3. KB1PVH

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    I'm not familiar with that model, but my 9100 and 9700 have the main and sub reversed when in satellite mode. I had a 910 also but don't recall if it did it too. When you key up does it TX on the correct band?
  4. N8NMG

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    It does not. The 970a has transmit on the main band only. it has receive on the main and sub bands. I tested it to find out and it keys up on the downlink every time. :(
  5. KB1PVH

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    Maybe try changing the order of RX and TX in the doppler.sqf file to see if it works.
  6. KB1PVH

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  7. N8NMG

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    SOLVED! I poked around with the Radio Setup tab and altered the ICOM Model to IC-821H and EUREKA! It works as expected! Thank You N8JTR and KB1PVH.
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