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Need help to install a station in apartment

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by KC6NZJ, Jan 13, 2018.

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  1. KC6NZJ

    KC6NZJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello everyone

    I had to move into an apartment take care my mother with Alzheimer. At first i said super second floor and attic.

    In phoenix I bought SK station which include Icom 706 so I figured I'll buy ah4 do a loop in the attic. But found no one to help had to wait for friend come out from phoenix. took several trip since I also had to add CCTV system watch my mother.

    Finally made 140 ft loop in attic. Well here is when problems started.
    Loop is about 140 ft #12 stranded cooper wire then I feed with about 15 feet ladder line to ah4 then about 20ft RG8X to radio.

    Test day 706 on 20 meters i pushed the tune button. Loud noise and circuit breakers in apartment popped about 1/3 of them. I tried 3 times same issue.

    So I am ground issue? ah4 bad? the roof sheet has some kind chrome film on it for heat reflection.

    What I do have is 25 x 40 attic. I have 5 x 10 balcony negative faces right to pool and management office plus the ceiling is about 3 inches of concrete. I have my 2 car garage right under me.

    My war chest of equipment from 2 SK purchases and 2 e bay buys.

    Yaesu Ft-991, Ft707 and FT7B for HF
    FT8900 VHF-Uhf
    I have 2 IC706

    Antenna tunners
    Icom AH4 , Yaesu FC 707 and MFJ versa tuner 3

    MFJ-1775 rotor-able dipole
    Yaesu ATAS 120
    Cushcraft AR270
    The loop in the attic
    TAK-tenna antenna ham gave me.

    Building is 3 year old 2 story frame stucco with tile roof. About 60 ft X 300 ft. I am in front side facing parking lot, pool and management office. Backside faces a water wash own by the city. I also have about 5 feet from my garage wall a down sprout from gutter it goes up about 25 feet then gutter about 45 to 60 feet then down sprout going down 25 feet. My only fear t's front entrance of building.
    I added picture of the building.

    So anyone with any ideas. Hope I gave enough info.


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  2. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Defective Circuit Breakers
    Some newer breaker panels have RF SENSITIVE "arc fault detection" devices. The manufacturer and model number is know by the ARRL and manufacturer, you should be able to get the building owner to obtain free or reasonable cost RF immune replacements.
    You just need to find the model number and maker's name on the breakers that popped. Look up this issue on the ARRL website.
  3. KK4YWN

    KK4YWN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Stucco is often applied to metal mesh. Youre going to have to put your antenna outside.
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  4. KC6NZJ

    KC6NZJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you very much I have the Eaton breakers they are talking about in the ARRL Article.
  5. AC1CX

    AC1CX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Between roof coasting and stucco mesh with new circuit breakers seems like ‘perfect storm ‘, almost living in a Faraday Cage
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  6. KC6NZJ

    KC6NZJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well Breakers issue gone am replacing breakers to normal ones. Building is 75% siding 25% stucco. see what happen stuff on the roof sheeting.


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