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Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by WY0Q, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. K7MH

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    Yeah well, kinda like Microsoft losing people to other OS and browsers I guess. Maybe you picked it up as I was leaving it. Doesn't really matter, if it works for you that's great. I did specifically state the versions that I used 3.0 through the end of version 6.
    Bottom line is that they lost me along the way. And I believe I also said that it may have gotten better since then.
    Kinda pricey. That hasn't changed!
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  2. N0AZZ

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    I to find none of this to be true with Logic8 It runs my whole shack as well radio. rotor and every logging award tracking you name it works without a flaw. No dos at all in this program all windows although you can define many things in the program. Why don't you give Logic8 a try for a month for free and see what you think. It does have a learning curve but a program that does this much you would exepct that. Another thing is no one gives you the customer support that they do even after hours and weekends can you name another program that will give this kind of phone support and online as well?
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  3. N5MOA

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    DxLab Suite

    I don't know about phone support, but online you can get all the support you need from the dxlab group on yahoo.

    Or an email from the guy who wrote it.

    DxKeeper is the logging software. It keeps track of everything I can think of as far as awards or what you have/haven't worked, adif files for lotw and eqsl, and cabrillo files. It also prints qsl cards and qsl/address labels one at a time or batches.

    Commander controls your rig, depending on model. I don't think any software allows you to control all of them.

    Winwarbler is for digital modes. It works very well.

    DxView is a world map, used for lp/sp distance and beam headings.

    I don't have a rotor, but there is a software for rotor control also.

    PropView is for propagation checking.

    DxLab Suite's software does other things too, but these are the one's I use. They all work togehter, they all work very well.

    And they are all free.
  4. K4FX

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    I have tried every logger mentioned in the previous posts, many are good programs, but I keep on using G0CUZs Winlog32, very user friendly, completely free (although for a 10 dollar registration fee Colin unlocks a hidden map feature, this is in no way required) I have used it since 2001 and still love it. Colin is constantly upgrading and improving an already excellent program. It has the same features as most of the others, LOTW, Winkey support, DX cluster, rig control, awards tracking, email dx alerts, plus it collects the solar data from the cluster and displays it in neat graphs. It is just plain easy to use and packs a lot of info into a little space. The Winkey support is great if you are a CW operator.

    One of the main things I like about Winlog, is that over the years I have made suggestions, and had small issues, and every time, Colin addressed my concerns almost immediately. Unsurpassed customer support! When I upgraded to a Winkey2, Colin put in support for WK2 as soon as I asked him about it. Almost overnight!! It is a very solid program, in fact it is the only windows app I have NEVER had crash on me!

    I still try other loggers as I hear about them, that's the neat thing about import and export, you can try a new logger with all of your QSOs in it with just a few mouse clicks. But I am still using Winlog32 after all those loggers and years. I would have to give second place to Logger 32....

  5. KB5LJQ

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    Winlog question

    I have seen your posts here and elsewhere in this forum about this program and decided to give Winlog a try. I have a question relating to the frequency which gets placed in the log. I connected my Icom to the rig controler in the program and it displays my current freq in the rig window, however, it does not put that freq in the QSO freq window, only the band. I have enabled the khz option but still no decimals. Surely this freq can be transferred into that window along with time, date, etc without having to manually type it in! How do you do it?:confused:
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