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need 48 states!

Discussion in 'SKED - QSO Scheduling' started by KE5RRH, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    oops sorry!!! didnt checked this thread again how about tomorrow at uhhhhh 3pm? CST? 73s ke5rrh
  2. AC0HD

    AC0HD Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK, WOW!! My first recommendation is to sit back, take a deep breath and get off the Ritalin...Take it from me, I've worked EMS (Ambulance) for over 30 years, it WILL kill you!

    Secondly, take your time and learn the ropes. Get to know some folks on the air. Listen to others and learn technique.

    I am a Mobileer only. I run a Yaesu 857D in my lifted Jeep XJ at 90 watts (tuned back for those contesters who can gain points by QSO with station running <100W) into a Hustler mobile antenna without tuner or amp. I talk with several states on a regular basis and is not uncommon to DX with Europe, South America, South Pacific, Australia/New Zealand, or Canada. That is with 90 watts on a mobile Hustler antenna...nothing special but done right and practicing patience and technique regularly and persistance on pile-ups. I even had QSO with recent DXpeditions VP6DX and TX5C....5-9 signal report with both. No need for high power and beams and expensive high maintanence "goodies"....

    Remember, only the power necessary to make contact, NOT more than enough power to blow everybody else out of the water and splatter kilocycles off frequency thus interfering with those trying to QSO on nearby frequencies...sometimes miles away. Nothing burns me more than someone on the east coast with a 5-9+ signal to MO (my QTH) spattering 200 KC off freq and interfering with my trying to QSO DX or a DXpedition who is 5-7 and being covered by MR Wideband GigaWatt in Florida ragchewing with his buddy in Georgia or wherever. Always remember to practice courtesy (if not, it can come back to bite you!)...Golden Rule, Always!

    Take your time...besides, if you earn all the awards, certificates, and lauds now, what will you have to aim for over the next decades of your hopefully long and enjoyable marriage with Amateur Radio??

    Good luck and I will be listening for you on the air...

    Les - ac0hd
  3. N9RZD

    N9RZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am also fairly new , but will agree that you need to slow down and learn your way around ,
    you'll learn a lot more by listening than by talking ,

    im in illinois , and will listen for you , but may i suggest trying 17 mtrs

    lot less qrm, and nets , nets nets nets ,

    good luck

    73 de rich /N9RZD
  4. KA1YBS

    KA1YBS XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    I was 17 when I got my novice ticket. I thought I would work 100 countries on 10 meters in a week! I really should have concentrated my efforts, I surely could have worked more, I didn't even realize what a high in the sunspot cycle was back then. :confused:

    FFWD 17 more years, I am STILL working towards my WAS! :)

    Guess I took about 15 HAM years off in between. My motto is take your time! I enjoy the hobby more now than ever. We are at a 'difficult' propagation window right now, but you can still work the world with less than 100w and a dipole.

    Learn all you can, a well built and placed antenna system could be better than a kw amp, most hams agree. Just think what you COULD do with a near-perfect antenna AND an amp! :cool:

    Good Luck, and Gud DX

    If you need NH, pm me. I work mostly 40-17 meters phone. I also love rag-chewing.

  5. N0ES

    N0ES Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you need Missouri, I'm willing to give it a try. I'm on an Opek multi-band mobile antenna sitting in my apartment with a Heathkit SB1400 (should be doing 100watts, being squirrelly though). I can do sideband now, or PSK31 within the week.
  6. K2EZY

    K2EZY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not for Nuthin' BUT.......

    My question is HOW can a person Who has recently tested or in the past for that matter have no clue of the 20 meter band plan?? Not trying to be overly critical but????:confused:
  7. K4OP

    K4OP Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you need Kentucky, just give me a shout

  8. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    Now i know all the bands :) But just go on 20m and 2m :| Well i do have a vertical but its friggin tall!! Too tall, the home owner's would be at my house in no time if have it up for a few days.. I so badly want to try 10m :).. Well lets see so far i have, California, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Mexico, Canada, Pennsylvania, and Illinois all on 20m :D To the people who tell me to slow down, i do kind of slow down now due to the weather.. yesterday there was a ton of noise from the thunders near by... and that my long wire is not at such a good height, but i am still trying every day!! What will i do after i get my WAS? easy, keep on talking, I like receiving qsl cards :D and ill do some SSTV, ATV, there are lots of stuff to do even after getting my was award :D.

    p.s. i am thinking to put the long wire antenna*configured as a L shaped antenna and its a 40m dipole homemade antenna*, from the top of the tree to the bottom, would i get better signal that way? Also how would i get the antenna to the top of the tall tree :| sling shot? :p
  9. N0ES

    N0ES Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got a slingshot at Wal-mart the other night just to hang antennas with. I've seen guys use fishing poles (I'm not nearly that good), bows and arrows, atlatls... Pretty much whatever will lob it up there. And by "it" I, of course, am referring to a fishing line with which to pull the wire up. ;)
  10. WA5CXY

    WA5CXY Ham Member QRZ Page

    potato gun lol
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