need 48 states!

Discussion in 'SKED - QSO Scheduling' started by KE5RRH, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    Oh wow sorry! I forgot to respond to your post, sure ill take your offer, give me a time date freq to see if it will work out with my schedule, with the help of w2ns today i grounded all my radio equipments and built a new 40m dipole antenna :D and when was testing it out, i talked to maine on 20m!!! :D

    thx k0hwy that be great if you can aim me, and no i didn't find any qso parties :(
  2. AD5XK

    AD5XK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Be afraid, be very very afraid.......
  3. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    ?? lol sorry guys where are my contacts?! :D
  4. KD8HRR

    KD8HRR Guest

    Man, I tried to read all of this thread but after page 2 my defibulator kicked in and knocked me out.:D
  5. ks4du

    ks4du Guest

    This is a myth. I worked all 50 states in 11 hours during the last CW SS using only the IC706 at 80 watts to a wire antenna up 25 feet on 40 and 20 meters. You do not need a world-class contest station to do it. You do, however, need to know what you're doing.
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  6. N3TEE

    N3TEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you need delaware on CW or BPSK31 let me know.

    73 n3tee
  7. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    sorry i don't know how to morse code, i want to learn though.. so far i only know e, s, and o :) Yes I know you don't need a top notch station, my wire antenna is less then 25 feet though, im getting a vertical antenna for HF tomorrow or the following days :).. But a great station does makes contacts much easier then a simple station. 73s ke5rrh
  8. N2CLB

    N2CLB Ham Member QRZ Page


    if you need VA let me know i am on 160M - 70CM all modes
  9. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    Yep still need Virginia, sorry haven't been checking in lately.. If you guys have any IM Chat it would make things alot easier :). Oh i got a "new" vertical antenna but haven't put it up yet will let you guys know when i do, then I should get a better reception then my long wire :D 73s
  10. WA5CXY

    WA5CXY Ham Member QRZ Page

    First off let me just say I am glad to hear that we have a new young ham in town and congrats on your general ticket. As a fellow young ham, (22) I sometimes feel as though there aren't very many young hams on the air but time keeps proving me wrong. I'm sure you already know this but there is a great community of hams in the SA area that are more than willing to help out a new ham, especially the young ones. If you would like to just play around on HF and not worry about WAS or DX tune us up on the 10 meter net on 28.345 at 4:30pm local time or the night owl net on 147.380 at 10:30pm local. The guys on these nets will be more than happy to help out in any way! I hope to hear you on the air soon I haven't heard your call yet but I will listen for it. Take care bud , 73's -Josh WA5CXY :D
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