need 48 states!

Discussion in 'SKED - QSO Scheduling' started by KE5RRH, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. KI4SYC

    KI4SYC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Way to go and on my Birthday too!

    I'll have Georgia for you as soon as my Power Supply gets back to me.
  2. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    sweet! [​IMG] do you know when that will be :p
  3. k0dxc

    k0dxc Guest

    i'm here in MN

    give me a shout via email, look me up

  4. K5OP

    K5OP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll hook you up with Mississippi. You just need to email me for a date, time, and frequency you'd like to try. We can meet up on an IM to assist in making sure the contact goes through if you want.

    You do not need to be a MEMBER of the ARRL in order to get the ARRL W.A.S. award. If you take the time to read the link as the other ham listed, it clearly says that the award is available to all amateurs world wide. So don't worry about having to become a member of ARRL in order to get their award.

    Just give me an email or PM me on the board when you'd like to set up a schedule. My email address is in my qrz callsign information.

    Jimmy, KB5FSV
  5. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    sweet thanks :p I will email you guys when i figure out how to use the friggin Icom 706!! Yep a radio buddy of mine who was suppose to lend me a kenwood ts-820s.. but then it had some problems that he need to fix... then another radio buddy of mine realized that he had a icom 706 lying around so he let me borrow that :p along with a mfj versa tuner II and a 20m dipole home built antenna. Well heres the problem.... I thought it would be easy to use.. and told them i can just read the manual.... but after i read the manual im still in confusion!!... :| So do you guys mind helping me out here? Trying to see if i can get an answer before i go to bed, or ill call them tomorrow afternoon. Thanks and hope to talk to all of you guys on the HF bands!! 73s!! Don't worry W.A.S. award, you will be in my hands in no time :p
  6. KJ8O

    KJ8O Ham Member QRZ Page

    Statewide QSO parties

    There's going to be a number of statewide QSO parties coming up between now and May (including Delaware, one of the states that I need, hi).

    Some of the old pros can work all 50 states in day during a major contest, but with more modest equipment, it takes a little longer. Just hang in there, you will do it.

    73 de KJ8O:cool:
  7. KE7JFA

    KE7JFA Guest

    Hammer it out in a weekend and contest it! :D
  8. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    Thanks to N7IOH.... I finally know how to use the antenna tuner!!! :D Even better.... I also finally know how to use the icom 706 and i like the radio alot better then my yaesu 2800 although took 1-2days to figure out how to use it even with the manual :D Some questions.. Is it true that only the HF 20m bands are opened from 7am-1pm central time and that general class can only use the USB not the LSB? Thanks and 73s!! Hehe i heard some people on LSB and like 14.175mhz i thing it was?? But i didnt talk to em since that wasen't in the general class bands :( I friggin need to find that darn extra book and start studying or else ill have to go out and spend $20 on a new book!!! D: 73s ke5rrh
  9. KU0DM

    KU0DM Guest


    20 meters stays open as long as it wants, lol.
    Today it opened around 1300Z here, and is just now beginning to quiet down, at 0055Z.

    General class CAN use LSB, just a note: General class, and Technician too, can use any mode that is available for legal use on the ham bands, as long as you honor power maximum (1.5kW), as well as your allocated frequencies.

    The IC-706 is a pretty cool rig! I personally prefer Yaesu equipment, but the IC-706 is a pretty cool rig.

    Again, congratulations, don't keep us waiting for the news, we know you'll be getting Amateur Extra, so step on it! :)
  10. KE5RRH

    KE5RRH Guest

    hehe yea i will find that darn book, anyways do you want to qso? :D right now im on 14.225.10mhz USB but... two people are talking im trying to find a chance to break in :p 73s
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