N3FJP AC Log 3 - Amatuer contact log

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by WS2L, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. WS2L

    WS2L Guest

    Recently I was looking for software to take my 32 years of logbooks and put them on my computer. First the price was excellent and all emails are responded to in a quick fashion. The program it'self is very easy to use and the different fields can be moved to different areas on the page for custom design of how the main page looks.

    Well it took me quite a bit of work to add 32 years of QSO's from a paper log to electronic. Once I completed this I printed out a copy of my logbook and I want to compare actual QSL cards I have received over the years to verify any discrepancies. I also have a number of contest log's that I printed out to put in my logbook but they to have disappeared so whatever QSL cards I received from these contests I will add in but that will be the exception.

    The bottom line is that if your looking for a good, simple to use contact log look no further. IMHO N3FJP has the best logging software awailable.

  2. WB4IUY

    WB4IUY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Back around '91 I converted all of my paper logs to Hyperlog. When it became unsupported a few years ago, I started searching and testing all sorts of logging programs to ultimately make a transition to from Hyperlog.

    After testing many different programs, I settled on N3FJP's ACLog for many reasons... ease of use, flexibility, compatibility with my dxcluster connection, ability to import/export, interface with LOTW & eQSL, etc.

    I discovered that Hyperlog used dBase2 for database storage, and was not built around ADIF, that has become the 'standard' for logbook formatting. I found a couple of utilities on the web to convert my logs (that dated all the way back to 1974!), I did a bit of manual cleanup, and imported the info into ACLog.

    I had a few questions initially, and found the ACLog forum to be very helpful, and never had a question that wasn't answered right away.

    I now export the data from ACLog to eQSL, LOTW, QRZ Log, and HRDlog. I highly recommend ACLog, and find it to be perfect for my needs

    Dave WB4IUY
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