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My wife says I need a new radio!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by AE7UT, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. KB1NXE

    KB1NXE Ham Member QRZ Page

    +1 for the Icom. Also, when you do move back into the shack and can add the external monitor, you'll be glad you did.

    Also, the wife - she's a keeper. ;)
  2. VE3PP

    VE3PP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Let's see, he gets to buy a new compact HF rig and install it in his bedroom. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Who is the winner in this deal? Me thinks he is. :D

    Not many non ham wives are going to let their OM put an HF rig in the bedroom. This guy has it made in the shade if you ask me.

    Plus as stated in another post, maybe he wants to keep what he has and not give half to his "EX" :eek:
  3. KD7MSC

    KD7MSC Ham Member QRZ Page

    So long as he does not use VOX! :D
  4. N5MOA

    N5MOA Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good pick.

    I used a TS-480SAT mobile and in the house, until I got tired or switching back and forth and bought a TS-480HX for my pickup.

    Excellent receiver, very good dsp (I would add at least the 500hz filter if you do much cw), easy to access menus, excellent receiver, well laid out control panel, built in keyer, dual antenna connections, very good NB if you run mobile and an excellent receiver.

    Put the main unit under the desk. The remote head takes up very little desk space (or dash space), less than a small book.

    If you are going to have a computer at your desk, you can download Kenwood's ARCP-480 (free from Kenwood's site) and you can control the radio from your computer and leave the control head in the box.

    Now all you have on your desk is a mic.

    Or, if you like digital modes, download DXLabsuite's commander to control the radio, and winwarbler for rtty, psk and cw. A straight db-9 cable to the computer,three wires from the 480's 6 pin din plug to the sound card and you're set. There are other rig control/digital modes/ logging softwares available, but this is what I use. It works very well.
  5. NA0AA

    NA0AA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use the LDG Z-11Pro instead, but love the radio and AC power supply - I used mine all last summer as my sole radio - for almost the same money, the Z-11Pro can be powered with internal batteries, and is fully automatic instead of the semi-auto of the 897 model.

    Get the FT-897 and you have an excellent camping/portable rig in a couple of years when the in-laws move back out - I've used mine on long camp vacations - it's handy also for FM and AM broadcast - add a small external speaker and you have 1/2 decent audio.

    You may want the add on filter - a 2.1 used on transmit will give you a nice clean SSB audio, I've got the 2.3 and like it.
  6. VE3PP

    VE3PP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good point ;)
  7. KO7P

    KO7P Ham Member QRZ Page

    New Radio?

    IC7000 works pretty well with an AT200Pro for size and price. It is a miniature more than a mobile.
  8. AE7UT

    AE7UT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for all the replies.
    It really does help to have your input.

    After looking at all the angles I decided on the IC-7000.

    What would be a good antenna tuner?
    What would be a good power supply?

  9. VE3PP

    VE3PP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Stan

    Personally I would go with the LDG AT-200Pro Auto tuner. It is not much wider or longer than the IC-7000. In fact I sit my 7000 right on top the same tuner. Two antenna inputs if you need them.

    As for the supply. Depends on whether you have room for a bigger supply (on the floor, in a night stand?) I use an Astron 35M with my IC 7000.
    However a small switching supply would work well too. Astron and Alinco both make nice small switching supplies that you could run that 7000 off of.

    You won't be disappointed with the 7000. The filtering is great in that little rig. The only fault I find with it is the VHF/UHF side is a little weak on receive. But I really did not buy mine for those bands and it is ok for what I use it for on those bands.

    I also find the SWR meter and power meter in the 7000 are fairly accurate so you could get away without having an out board meter which makes for very compact station.

    Good Luck, have fun and consider yourself lucky that your wife will allow you to put a rig in the bedroom! ;)
  10. K8CPA

    K8CPA Ham Member QRZ Page

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