My wife says I need a new radio!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by AE7UT, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. AE7UT

    AE7UT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got kicked out of the shack. My wife's sister is building a new house and guess
    where they are staying while it's built? Yea my basement! Their 2 yo and 6 mo.
    old children took over my shack. The upside is I have to move a radio up to the
    bedroom so my wife TOLD me to buy a new "smaller" rig while I'm displaced.
    She wants a smaller "prettier" rig without all the wires in the bedroom.
    I'm running a Kenwood TS-830S with Ext VRO and MFJ tuner. Too big for her liking.

    This is what I have to work with for antennas G5RV, G5RV Jr.
    I am not allowed to bore any holes through her beautiful walls or brick.
    There is a window right where I will be allowed my 3 feet of smallish desk for the rig.

    So I will have to put in a window connection ala:

    OK... as to the rig. I want to keep using the TS-830S when I'm back in the shack.
    Or should I just sell that anchor?
    I was thinking of something that I can later use mobile and will also fit my wife's reqs.
    The short list:

    Icom IC-7000
    Kenwood TS-480 HX or SAT
    Yaesu 897D

    My pick so far. The Kenwood TS480SAT. Has a built in tuner and clean styling.
    Would the extra 100 watts and an auto tuner be better?
    Is the filter/DSP system of ICOM beat the Kenwoods?
    Any other thoughts?

    Sorry for the long post... I just want to get this thing done and get back broadcasting.

  2. K5BDH

    K5BDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    rr on the kenwood ts480sat or hx. Odds are the 3:1 built in tuner of the SAT isn't going to be much help on the G5RV. Great little rig for the price and I bet you can hide the body out of sight, only leaving the face panel on the desk. Your computer will take up more room than that. Goodluck on your new quest and with the can sure be trying at times. :D
  3. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    My TS-480SAT tunes my 75M fan dipole on 160M. Awesome rig! My old MFJ-969 tuner would not tune 160M on this antenna.
  4. VE3PP

    VE3PP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Small footprint = Icom 7000 with an LDG AT-200Pro auto tuner sitting underneath the rig.

    Very small footprint and all the radio you will need in the bedroom.

    Hey, do you really need a radio in your bedroom? ;)
  5. W0UZR

    W0UZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    What you do is be a man and tell the "Wifie" that the shack stays the way it is and tell her, the kids, and whoever to stay out of it. There's no way in hellicrafters my wife is going to order me around !!! And you need to be a man and not be ordered around. MAN UP !!.

    But if it's her house and she owns it, then that might be different. I'm assuming that you own the house.
  6. N0WUE

    N0WUE Ham Member QRZ Page

    he probably prefers all his stuff, as opposed to just half
  7. W4PG

    W4PG Super Moderator Lifetime Member 279 Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    I use one of these from MFJ in my window and after drilling holes through the house, this thing works great! It fits my window PERFECTLY and makes a neat install.

  8. AB3MV

    AB3MV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I own a nice TS-830S and an FT-897D with the FP-30 internal power supply and an LDG AT-897 autotuner. The FT-897D is such a handy package that the TS-830S collects dust.
  9. W4VDW

    W4VDW Ham Member QRZ Page

    +1 for the FT-897D.

    It is the "perfect" (your mileage may vary) anywhere radio. Plus, if you like to pack up the XYL, I mean radio, it is also a great take it with you radio. Additionally, the number of "take it anywhere" accessories is really just to numerable to mention.

  10. M0JMO

    M0JMO Ham Member QRZ Page

    The IC-7000 is a very nice radio. I own one.

    TX Audio with the standard mic isn't much to write home about, but it can be made to sing with a different mic.

    Tonnes of useful features, good performance and can be used base/portable/mobile.

    With the LDG AT-7000 and a small 25A Switch Mode PSU stacked up, it'd fit on a bedside table with no problem!

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