Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by K5RCD, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. G4FUT

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    Thanks for the info about the "W" had me baffled as it didn't correspond with the "B4" in my Alert.
  2. K2NCC

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    Easy fix. Don't use Single BW. Unless you're using an ancient computer, there's really no need to.

    If you are using something from the 80s, I have a few P4 junkers here that will do fine that I'll send you for the price of shipping it.
  3. N5IC

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    I've been using it for a couple of days. LOVE the new features. But I have mine logging into HRDLogbook, and for whatever reason, it's logging with the previous date. Maybe because it's after 0000z here, and it's picking up the local date instead of the z date. I haven't used it before 0000z yet to see if that's where it's going wrong. Maybe I'll get home earlier someday soon.
  4. WA4MIT

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    There is a 3.6 version out now but I could not get the screen to work correctly it only shows a partial screen now and when I try to connect to HRD it closes. If anyone does get the new 3.6 version to work post it here. I uninstalled and re-installed but still no joy. 73 WA4MIT
  5. VE3PP

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    I installed it and when I go to the Setup process it does not allow me to save it. I hit save and exit and nothing happens. Apparently it doesn't like Windows XP. :confused:
  6. WA4MIT

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  7. EA3AJY

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    Problem working in SINGLE DECODE

    jt65-hf has a bug from a long time ago.
    When transmitting in mode single bw and is receiving a text from other station with RRR or 73 without any callsign, the program stops working and needs to close and open again.
    This problem only appears in SINGLE BW but not in MULTI BW
    I need to work in SINGLE BW because my PC is very slow.
    If you have a fast PC it's not necessary to work in single BW and the problem does not appear.
    Many stations send RRR and 73 without callsigns. I don't know why. It's a terrible problem.

    I have the same problem. When somebody transmit only 73 or RRR the program stops working.
    Look the photo

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