My Subaru Forester Low Impact Installation

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by KN3O, Feb 19, 2016.

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  1. K4KWH

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    I like the install. And I am doing the same thing with HF and VHF. At the moment I am limited to 1/4 wave antennas because I can't get under the carport with a tall VHF antenna. The screwdriver will "stick out" from under the 'port and has no need to be in the garage. I am taking my time with the install because I don't want a sloppy-looking mess in the truck. I changed the GM-style side-terminal battery for a dual top and bottom terminal so I can hook up power to the battery. There are fuses at the battery. The screwdriver HF antenna power cables come across in FRONT of the radiator , down on the opposite side of the truck (Chevy ZR5). Then along the chassis to an access hole, under the door drip rail to the switch. Then the wires go from there to the antenna itself. I chased the IC 706 power thru a braided chase that is grounded to the body at each end (not hot). This, again, is to avoid any "funny business" with the engine computer. Maybe overkill, but.................................. I will also install my Harris RF 3200 HF and chase its #8-10 power the same way. Its a bit bulky, but it can sit facing upwards on the console. When I "save up my pennies", I plan to install an antenna positioner on the screwdriver with dial-in memories so I can select various net frequencies (non-ham). The Harris won't be there all the time; the Icom will do most of the amateur radio duties.:)

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