My small part in Reagan's funeral

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K7DLX, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. K7DLX

    K7DLX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got a call last Saturday night. It was from the chief of security at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

    The Library was my client when I was at my old place of employment. I had made arrangements over a year ago so when President Reagan died, the library would be able to be supplied with additional two-way radio communications.

    Well, apparently, my old place of employment fell down on the job and the library, not quite knowing what to do, got in touch with me. I made some calls, got the office manager to agree to meet me at work Sunday morning, and arranged to pick up some two way radios with accessories and the programming computer.

    Kathy (my XYL) and I picked up the units Sunday morning, and set out for the long drive to Simi Valley (actually about 80 miles from here). Our names had been left at the police command post at the bottom of the hill leading up to the Library, and we drove up slowly to the top.

    What a sight. The magnificent Reagan Library at the top of the hill, with the large American Flag flying at half staff at the front. We parked, unloaded our equipment and headed into the main office. Security was very tight. We were escorted by an officer to the security command office where Scott, the security chief who I had not seen in almost a year, greeted us with a big hug.

    I determined what I had to do in the way of programming the units and set to work. Kathy was opening up the programming ports and passing me the radios. A gentleman dressed in a dark suit came in and asked if we were with the Bureau. I handed him my business card and he smiled. He was Secret Service and was looking for the FBI agents assigned to the Library.

    He moved to the other side of the room and Kathy started talking to him. I heard a drawer open and Kathy suddenly exclaimed: "WHOA! Look at those guns!" Scared her to death. I didn't know what a wuss my wife was when it came to guns. She says she'll take on anything but a gun. Apparently the Secret Service man had opened the gun safe and there was a whole row of 9mm semi-automatic pistols in them. Kathy quickly got up and moved over next to me while he loaded a clip, chambered a round, then tucked the pistol into his holster under his coat.

    When I finished I asked the dispatcher to call Scott back so I could show him several things about our rental units and sign the paperwork. He returned, I quickly showed him the features and accessories, he signed the agreement, and we said our goodbyes.

    On our way back down the hill we passed workers setting out small American flags in the side of the road. Then we drove back home.

    I'm proud to have done my small part to help the Library properly honor President Reagan. Sunday was a very good day.
  2. K0WVM

    K0WVM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Although I can volunteer for Honor Guard duties, I chose long ago not to. However, I think it would have been an extreme honor to pull that detail now as I think about it. I wish now that I could have more recently.

    I would have even loved to be where you were and what you were doing. I bet it was a moving time while you were there.
  3. KJ5T

    KJ5T Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Very good story, and every little small part to help is a great thing...

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just read the post by K7DLX about Mr. Regan's funeral, it brings back memories, I'm a recently retired philadelphia police officer and had the honor many times over the years to guard dignitaries, I also watched a lot of firends (Police) put to rest, no matter what your feelings about the person, when a president, soldure or even a police officer or fireman dies, a little piece of us dies with them
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