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My recent experience with Yeasu Support

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N9BC, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. WZ7U

    WZ7U Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have to wonder what really happened at the Yaesu service center to warrant the reaction they provided. Despite the MARS mod (read CB MOD - OK, that wasn't fair. I forgot about 60M) I smell something less than pleasantly aromatic with the whole deal.

    I only had one Yaesu, one of the hybrids of which I can't remember (besides the FT101E) that needed repair. Got it basically for free from a guy that didn't want to mess with it. Flipped it for a couple hundred bucks back in the day, wishing now I would've stored it away till later and repaired it myself. The free money won the argument at the time (doesn't it always?).

    That could be part of it I suppose. ;)
  2. WQ2H

    WQ2H QRZ Lifetime Member #214 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hate to admit it, but even though but I have a room full of Yaesu's (and a repeater & mobile rig actually) several of which have the MARS mod - I have yet to ever contact Yaesu for support.

    Can't wait to find out what I'm missing. :)
  3. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sorry to hear that Brent, the service manager should have followed up on this. If I were you I would definitely track him down and also, do make sure they return your case, those are not cheap. Just curious, are you an Army or Air Force Mars member? What is your MARS call?
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  4. WD0BCT

    WD0BCT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    A sad state of affairs has been brewing with all manufacturers lately. It's called "do anything to this radio, tractor, computer, printer, etc with other than a factory authorized service tech and all warranties are void".

    As complex as everything is becoming today I can understand this mindset. It will be hard for our generation to accept, but everything is coming with tamper resistant hardware. If that "unit" has been tampered with by anyone other than a factory approved tech....look out....your warranty has been voided.

    There is a reason I used "tractor" in my examples given above. I have heard amazing stories about a certain American tractor manufacturer that has service shops very unhappy with them. Again, folks from our generation are probably the only ones really upset by this change...millenials on the other hand could care less. They have been raised in the buy it...use it...throw it away and buy another corporate model of today.
  5. W0AAT

    W0AAT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Point out this thread to Yaesu, this type of bad publicity can really hurt them.
  6. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Remember there are three sides to every story. If all the above is true, I wonder what such shoddy treatment will
    cost Yaesu in lost sales.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
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  7. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I asked about your MARS affiliation in an earlier post because I was very curious why on earth you would do the MARS/CAP mod to your nice new radio if you are not a MARS member? Those frequencies are completely useless unless you are a MARS affiliate station. I don't even think the Civil Air Patrol uses HF anymore, I could be wrong on that one but again, unless you are a CAP member those frequencies are completely useless. CB perhaps?

    Someone mentioned 60 meters but the Ftdx 3000 already does 60 meters out of the box.

    At first I thought perhaps YAESU should have been more helpful but after finding out that you modded your rig I don't really blame them. I can't imagine that they would make something like that up. There is always more to the story.
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  8. WQ2H

    WQ2H QRZ Lifetime Member #214 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes - most if not all of the MARS frequencies lie outside the amateur bands. However, proper OPSEC procedures do discourage any 'in the clear' association of you amateur and MARS call signs.

    Maybe a private email would be more appropriate.

    As to the "mod" - I don't think you can blame them for a warranty void if you're in there altering their circuit, regardless of the complexity.
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  9. K2CD

    K2CD Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Truly sorry this happened.,OM . . . chalk it up to one of life's learning experiences I guess. I'm assuming the borked mod would have gone undetected if not for the firmware update. Good luck.
  10. K2WH

    K2WH Ham Member Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page


    I believe if you go into the radio and make unauthorized changes (not factory) the warrantee is void.
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