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Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by KD3Y, Aug 21, 2021.

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  1. KX5ALC

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    Okay, got it.
  2. KG7WGX

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    Lose the chart!

    You will create a "lookup table" which will have you counting dots and dashes and matching the visual patterns.

    Use something like G4FON software and learn the sound of the characters, a few at a time, at a speed which prevents you from counting dots and dashes.

    It is also recommended you learn to receive Morse before you worry about sending it. Learning to send is the easy part.

    Here's a link to an amateur radio club server which has a PDF document titled "The Road to CW DE W4ALF". If you click on the link, your browser will download the PDF without taking you to another site. Check your Downloads area for the PDF.

    The document is a compendium. It has good explanations itself, but most valuable is the links at the end to a large list of other resources.

    You could find these resources, eventually, but I highly recommend this as a starting point.
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  3. K1LKP

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    HATS OFF.jpg

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  4. KD5TXX

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    Great job. I could make something but it wouldn’t look near that nice. You did a great job.
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  5. KD3Y

    KD3Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    110% understand. I can send OK. I can't hear nothing when receiving. I just can't "hear" the space between the letters and words. I'm not sure if it's because I'm deaf in my right ear from an explosion in Iraq of if it's like you say, maybe both. But _._ / _ / ...._ /_ _ _ sounds just like _._ _ ...._ _ _ _ to me. It makes a big difference because, for example, I can't differentiate "B" from "TS". I'm afraid I might have a "tin ear" when it comes to receiving.

    Thanks for the G4fon site. I bookmarked it and will start using it.
  6. KD3Y

    KD3Y Ham Member QRZ Page

  7. KG7WGX

    KG7WGX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't think there is any standard for what character rate to set in G4FON, but most recommend setting something high enough that you can't count the elements. For some this may be 15 wpm and for others their brain won't give up counting until they set the character rate to 20 wpm or higher.

    G4FON's software supports both the Koch method and Farnsworth timing. Many use a combination of both, using the Koch sequence to add characters and Farnsworth timing to give you time to recognize the new characters.

    The LICW Club uses G4FON and they may have some material on how to use it on their site.
  8. EI4HWB

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    Was that drop of blood an offering to the Goddess of ham radio? ;)
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  9. KI4ZUQ

    KI4ZUQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very nice job! Now do a paddle....
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  10. KD3Y

    KD3Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    So I should set it fast enough that my brain doesn't count the dots and dashes, I only hear one sound? That makes sense. When you hear a word, you don't hear the letters in the word, you only hear the sound of the word. You can pronounce a word and not be able to spell it. I never thought about that. Thanks for the advice.

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