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  1. KB3SKU

    KB3SKU Ham Member QRZ Page

    lol told ya i sucked. the 3 is hard grr lol. i do try to be slow but when i do the K ends up as a T E T :( and the 3 ends up like what you said.

    Ill get it sooner or later lol. And i will listen to W1AW.
  2. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    According to those settings, you have the keyer turned on, not the setting for a straight key or external keyer. So, when you close your key, you're sending a string of dashes or dots depeneding on which side of keyer you have hooked up to your key!

    CW Paddle = Elekey

    Try a different setting for your straight key.
  3. NN4RH

    NN4RH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    No. On the FT-897 the keyer is turned on or off using the "F" multifunction controls.

    Multifunction row "j" should be BK On and KYR Off to transmit with a straight key. For code practice with the sidetone only - not transmitting - BK also should be OFF.

    Menu item 26 is to select between using the key jack or the microphone buttons for CW keying. Just leave menu 26 at the default setting of ELEKEY, which is the rear panel jack.

    The straight key should be wired as KB2FCV said. Wired to the "Tip" and to the "Shaft" of a stereo plug, while the "Ring" is not connected. Ignore the drawing in the manual. It is wrong. Read the text instead. It must be a stereo plug.
  4. NN4RH

    NN4RH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Looking at the photo it looks like a three-wire cord with one (the white) not used. That probably means he does indeed have a stereo plug at the other end.

    The straight key is an on/off switch. You should hear a continuous tone when you press it, and nothing when you release it. To tell if the straight key is wired correctly and the rig is correctly set up, do the following test:

    1) Put the rig in CW mode. Turn OFF the BK and turn OFF the KYR functions on the multifunction "F" controls.

    2) If you hear any sound at all when the key is NOT depressed, then it's not wired right.

    3) If you press the key and hear a continuous tone, then congratulations, it is wired correctly and your settings are correct.

    4) If you press the key and hear a string of dots, you forgot to turn off the KYR on the multifunction F controls.

    5) If you press the key and hear a string of dashes, you forgot to turn Off the KYR, AND the key is wired incorrectly.

    6) If nothing happens when you press the key, then either you're not in CW mode, or the sidetone volume is too low, or the key is not connected.

    7) If the rig transmits when you press the key, then you forgot to turn Off the BK function.

    So, basically, after reviewing the thread, I think the only "problem" is that, as someone pointed out very early in the thread, his keying just isn't good enough yet for CWGET to decode it. That will come with practice. Also, I don't have CWGET but I would assume that there's a threshold level setting somewhere. That might be set too low so that CWGET is trying to decode background noise.

    Practice forming the letters with proper spacing and duration, and don't worry so much about what CWGET is reading!
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2009
  5. K3STX

    K3STX Ham Member QRZ Page

    How did we ever get by without "multifunction " switches in the old days! I never in a million years would have thought of THAT problem! Like NN4RH said, if you hold down the key for 3 seconds you should get a three second "DAAAAAAH". If you hold it down for one millisecond you should get a one millisecond "dit". Let us know how it turns out.

    I send with a bug. People understand me just fine, but I suspect CWGET would have a problem. I guess I should be happy I talk to people, not computers.

  6. KB3SKU

    KB3SKU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey guys it is set up correctly,so its ok.

    Now i just need to learn to receive and send :)

    Just to ensure people i dont transmit while practicing so no worries on interference :)

    Thanks for the help all.
  7. KB3SKU

    KB3SKU Ham Member QRZ Page

  8. W4HAY

    W4HAY Ham Member QRZ Page

    To improve your sending, record it and compare with W1AW or a CW trainer program.

    Just keep at it. Just because many OTs have lousy fists is no reason you should!
  9. K3STX

    K3STX Ham Member QRZ Page

    And remember, EVERYBODY had a lousy fist when they started!!! In fact most people still do, its just that electronic keyers obscure this fact.

    I'm feeling your pain; I am trying to learn to send with a bug (after 30+ years with a keyer and paddles).

  10. KB3SKU

    KB3SKU Ham Member QRZ Page

    hello again,i know this is a little old but instead of making a new one id rather keep this one open.

    Curious could my problem be maybe the contacts are too close? cause like i said before when i try to slow down when doing a K it turns out to TET.

    Im getting frustrated,but you know what? i will not be defeated,im going to keep at this grr :)

    Ive been at the LCWO site i got copying K and M fine but when combined with U (like this KMU) ,meh i keep messing up grr lol.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2009
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