My amateur radio turns on neighbors night light built into bed

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KC3EPA, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. VE3DDL

    VE3DDL Ham Member QRZ Page

    well some of the cheap remotes are no good do not meet rfi regulations on there side too start with .
  2. WZ7U

    WZ7U Ham Member QRZ Page

    That was probably the best possible outcome possible. Undoubtedly, the neighbor is now flagged in the system as a crank. As he should be.
  3. WN2C

    WN2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    If it was me, I would have told him that his lamp is probably defective and he should take it back. If he kept coming to me and telling me that I was setting off his lamp I would tell him to GET OFF MY LAWN.
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  4. SA6CKE

    SA6CKE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I see that there's also a risk that his mobile phone sets off the lamp.
  5. N4MU

    N4MU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Simple case of a psychotic neighbor. Best watch your behind. 73
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  6. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had an issue with a neighbor last year who lived 2 doors down from me. He started doing some online streaming / broadcasting.. something with video games and suscribers.. I guess it's a living? Anyways.. he was picking me up when I was on the air. Either his microphone or his speakers were picking me up and interfering in his "broadcast". Anyways, I explained that most likely his equipment doesn't have any decent RF shielding and that it is picking me up. Well, I also knew that I would occasionally knock my own keyboard/mouse out. I decided it was time to try some RF chokes to see if it alleviates my problem... then if it worked I would pass the knowledge onto him. I ordered some RF chokes designed to cut out the frequencies I use.. and they worked on my mouse and keyboard.. they've been flawless ever since. I have him a link and showed him how to wrap the cables. He has not heard me since in his speakers and he's been happily continuing on.

    Your neighbors lamp is clearly the culprit. It sounds like the police handled the problem for you.. but had things been lest hostile.. I would have suggested you suggest some RF chokes to see if that helps make his problem go away. Glad the police helped you out!
  7. KA3CTQ

    KA3CTQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I lived in a HOA neighborhood in Maryland. To avoid the discussions, I had very stealthy antennas up. My neighbors did not know I was a ham.

    My daughter had some of the kids over and they saw some of my equipment. They asked about it and my daughter told them I was a ham.

    Some days later, my daughter is over the neighbor's house and the girl who lives there starts talking to my daughter about my radio gear in front of the dad. He starts grilling my daughter so much that she get uncomfortable and left.

    He follows her home and starts yelling at me about how I am messing up his electronics. He was a washed up musician and had a bunch of amps and mics in his house. He started telling me about how he could hear me chatting with my "good buddies" all the time.

    So I asked for some details. He started describing some of what he heard over his amp. I explained what a call sign was and if he heard anything like this. He stated that heard talking about handles and other terms you would not hear on ham bands. He was wondering why the noise got worst after I moved in.

    My next statement was that you would not hear me all the time and you would not hear my voice. I was 90% a CW op at the time. Also explained that hams do not use some of the terms he described and that a CBer may be close by messing with this gear. Also, we lived close to I40 which has above average traffic and may hear radios from passing vehicles.

    He told me I was "giving him a line of BS. I offered to help him find the problem with his gear. He told me some terms I will not repeat.

    Two weeks later, I found my coax cut going into the house. No proof on who did it, but I have some ideas. I had it well camouflaged, so they would have to know what to look for.

    My neighbors now know I am a ham and have no issue.
  8. W3MMM

    W3MMM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree, however, I doubt this is over.

    I suspect KC3EPA's troubles aren't over. If the guy was willing to go bang on the car door of an empty car, then got lectured by a police officer, my guess is that his fire is more fueled now.

    That area (where 29 and 100 intersect) has two highways, a busy shopping center and even a casino not too far away. Cabs and police are using radios ALL THE TIME in that area - I'm not saying its a bad area, just very busy.

    Honestly, at this point I'd just lay off radio for a few weeks, at least at your house. Just drive to a park, or stop by the National Electronics Museum and found out if you can guest operate...etc. I think W3WN advised the opposite, but if you can say with certainty that you have not been on the air from home, you've got a better chance of a strong defense if this guy does something nuts. I would not have advised this before the police were involved they are.
  9. W4NNF

    W4NNF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Assuming the cops didn't put the fear of God into this idiot, there's really no good solution. You have two choices with a nutcase like this: 1. Give up radio. 2. Man up and get on the air when you choose, and be ready to seek legal remedies if this goober hasn't moved on to some other obsession. ;)
  10. W4NNF

    W4NNF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Unfortunately, the days seem past when you could hand somebody a highpass filter for their TV or install a few toroids on a speaker cable or whatever. It's my observation is that all too many people these days are easily offended and feel entitled to get their way on anything. Couple that with cheaper than cheap Chinese electronics. Best bet? Make sure the problem isn't on your end and don't give in and give up getting on the air.

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