Multiple identical-looking VTVM's.

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by W1GUH, Sep 16, 2014.

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    I love black and white photography, I need to do more of it....
  5. G3EDM

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    Of course you can just strip the color from your digital color photos. That doesn't give the same tonality, but it's an interesting exercise in its own right. (See my avatar for an example.)
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  6. AF6LJ

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    True enough, I would rather take the picture knowing the camera is on black and white mode, it tends to influince how I think about the picture.
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    Important point!
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    PristineWV98Coriginalbattery.JPG RCA_WV98C_main.JPG
    Put a 1N400? (forget) in a couple of my RCA 98C Voltohmyst intending to do the resistor. But the measured voltages were not out of line and it functioned and calibrated well so didn't bother. Also a new cap. Like others I actually want to use it not repair it or replace the transformer.

    In addition to the RCA Tube manual the absolute best book(s) for VTVM are: "The V.T.V.M., Rhys Samuel . My copy published by Gernsback Library, Inc 1956. And "Vacuum Tube Voltmeters", John F. Rider mine is 1947 I think the first edition was 1941. Think both are available 'onine' but both can be had for reasonable through Amazon or try Abe's Books.

    I leave the 98C turned on almost all the time out of intent and forgetfulness; but hey, it's ready to use. RCA probe has a nifty nose piece that I never understood until I stumbled onto a NIB rf probe. When you slip the rf probe on the probe the nose pops forward enough to let some fingers in the rf probe engage the ground. And it works. Also have the high voltage probe which has been useful checking old Tek scopes.

    This I don't use. Came upon this 98C in the box in the shipping box cords still taped warranty card to send in as sent from Camden in Jan 67. What amazed me was the original RCA branded D cell inside measured 1.48V. Should either use it or sell it I suppose.
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  9. G3EDM

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    A year or two ago I bought an already built Heathkit oscilloscope trainer and a signal-generator trainer. One of these units still had its four 1960s-era AA batteries, with no sign of leakage. To my astonishment, all four of them measured just over 1.5V when the units arrived. I checked them today and that's still the case.

    They will probably last longer than I will. Gives a whole old meaning to the brand, "EverReady."

    EverReady_1.JPG EverReady_2.JPG
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    I can help you with that problem.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
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