For Sale Motorola R-2001D

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W6YDG, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. W6YDG

    W6YDG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have for sale a Motorola Model R-2001D Communications System Analyzer for sale.
    I'm selling this for the wife of a SK. He was using this equipment up to the day he fell ill (about a year ago)
    The SK took very good care of his equipment so I am certain this is working properly. I did plug it in and turn it on but that's as far as I have gone with it.
    I'm selling this for $1200 and PayPal for payment is fine.
    The pictures attached of the control panel look like they are two different colors. One was taken with the flash on my phone and the other without. Thus the difference in color.
    I would prefer not to ship this but will do if buyer want to split shipping cost with me and it will only be shipped CONUS.
    Please email me directly for any details.
    file (6).jpeg file6.jpeg file7.jpeg
  2. W6YDG

    W6YDG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The front cover of the analyzer shows it being a R-2001D (on the inside of the top cover) but the back of the analyzer shows it as a R-2008D. (the actual Motorola label)
    Forgive my ignorance but I have no clue the difference between the two.
  3. W9MT

    W9MT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got this off of the "inter-webs" for you. I hope it helps the unit sell...

    The R2008D Communications System Analyzer comprises 12 instrument functions for transceiver testing: Spectrum Analyzer, Duplex Generator, Modulation Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, AC/DC Digital Voltmeter, RF Wattmeter/Signal-Level Meter, General Purpose Oscilloscope, Multimode Code Synthesizer, Distortion/SINAD Meter, Sweep Generator, DTMF Encode/Decode, and Printer Port. Frequency range is 10kHz to 999.9999MHz with a resolution of 100Hz. Output in 50-ohms is 0.1 MicroV to 1Vrms on FM and 0.1 MicroV to 0.4Vrms on AM. The monitor mode measures frequency from 1MHz to 999.9999MHz. The autoranging CRT display has a resolution of 10Hz for frequency error. Input sensitivity is 1.5 MicroV for 10 dB EIA SINAD. The spectrum analyzer has a 75 dm dynamic range. This model has the Motorola Cellular option.

    In plain colloquial English, for the average ham...You get a Service Shop bench of equipment in one box. The million channel A5 frequency synthesizer module covers 10KHz to 1 gig in "one hertz steps". (I worked on service monitor factory test in the 1980's on a parallel mid-tier service monitor line which complemented this high tier unit.)

    What made a "D" different than the earlier A, B, and C versions is the addition of the cranker knob as an alternate way to change the RF frequency. The spectrum analyzer is what makes this a high tier unit. I don't know whether a tracking generator option is included in this unit. You'd need that to tune repeater duplexers. (This is not the same as the duplex generator function. That simply lets you service repeaters, and not their duplexers.)

    The weak link is the General Atronics branded CRT. They are made of unobtainum, are used in a raster scan display mode, are not very bright, nor have good contrast. This is an ANALOG raster scan display, not a bright, backlit, digital LCD display. The raster scan was done using the deflection plates inside of the CRT. No analog TV yoke in this baby.

    (A picture of the display showing something bright and useful will help sell this unit.)

    The Motorola Cellular option is for servicing ANALOG TACS mobile cellphones (the kind you'd mount in the trunk with a hang-up cup and handset in the cockpit, topped off with a thru the rear glass pigtail antenna). Analog-TACS is an extinct technology no longer used in the USA. Digital phones began to kill the analog system beginning in the late 1990's. The selling point when this Service Monitor was new was the ability to directly connect to the AT&T 8 wire communications bus in the mobile phone, or the proprietary Moto 3 wire bus. Really great for the late 1980's, but not any more.

    Believe it or not, these monitors were also made to run off of internal gel cell batteries (for only about an hour) in order to service mountain top repeaters or cell sites. If so equipped, you may want to get the old gel-cells out of the unit. (They're under the top cover.) The 25KHz switcher supply had a chopper circuit for such battery powered operation. The batteries would charge when the unit ran off of AC mains.

    You have the unit very fairly priced. This is a much more capable unit than even the popular IFR-1200S, which one finds similarly or even higher priced. A ham that likes to repair radios will find this unit very attractive. This unit will even do SSB.

    Good luck with the sale. This unit should find a very good home. (BTW, the metallic rear label has the correct model number. There may be "dash numbers" after the R-2008D base model number. These will notate what other options may be in the box. "-001" for example substituted a better OCXO time base oscillator upgrade for the usual TCXO. Another option might be for that "tracking generator" I mentioned earlier.) All of the front panels said "R-2001D" matter what options were inside of them.

    73, Tony (W9MT)

    P.S.-- Ask the widow if the 1 1/8" thick manual is anywhere in the house. That will help sell the unit. It will be "white plastic spiral bound" with a B&W photo on the front cover and powder blue trim in the covers' printing. Full schematics will fold out of said manual, along with a really nice theory-of-operation description. The manual will have a "68-" prefix with lots of numbers after the prefix.
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  4. W6YDG

    W6YDG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thank you for the information Tony. Very helpful.
    And yes it does come with manuals. In fact I have 5 operating manuals and 6 maintenance manuals along with two 3 ring binders full of more information about the equipment.
    Once again thank you.
  5. N8ERM

    N8ERM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am interested providing if all features work 100%. The statement of "The SK took very good care of his equipment so I am certain this is working properly. I did plug it in and turn it on but that's as far as I have gone with it" is not enough for me to spend 1.2K so it will need to be checked out before I will commit.
  6. N8ERM

    N8ERM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mike, Please cancel my request for information on this gear. I have found and purchased another unit. 73,
  7. W6YDG

    W6YDG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    No worries Terry. I do not blame you.
    I might try to sell it locally so the perspective buyer can go over it all.
    I just wanted to post it here first to see if anyone around the country might be interested.
    Be safe
  8. QRZ
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