SOLD Motorola / Micom MOBAT 500E w/ Micom-2TS ALE & SGC SG-500 HF Amplifier

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by WB6BBB, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. WB6BBB

    WB6BBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    “Fully Functional Micom-2TS SSB/ALE radio, driving an SGC SG-500 500 Watt linear amplifier both powered by a Lambda Alpha 1500W power supply and all enclosed together in a 19" drawer.”

    US $2,300.00
    FREE SHIPPING will be via United Parcel Service (UPS). Shipping weight: 75

    Item location: Santa Barbara, California, United States
    Ships to: United States. Eexclusions: Lower 48 USA states only; No PO Boxes.

    Payments: PayPal
    Returns: Seller does not accept returns

    Item specifics
    Condition: Used :
    Seller Notes: “Fully Functional Micom-2TS SSB/ALE radio, driving an SGC
    SG-500 500 Watt linear amplifier both powered by a Lambda Alpha 1500W power
    supply and all enclosed together in a 19" drawer.”
    Micom 2TS made in Israel: SGC SG-500 and Lamda Power Supply: USA
    Supported Modes: ALE, AM, SSB, CW
    Model: MOBAT 500E
    Country/Region of Manufacture: Israel
    Frequency Band(s): 1.6 MHz Tx, 100 KHz-30 MHz Rx, HF
    Max. Output Power: 500W SSB CW ALE
    Brand: Micom/Motorola

    The transceiver is a complete unit that includes a Micom-2TS SSB radio,
    driving an SGC SG-500 amplifier both powered by a Lambda Alpha 1500W power
    supply and all enclosed together in a 19" drawer. The control head and
    speaker are mounted on the front of the drawer but can be used remotely from
    the cabinet via the control cable which is approximately 17' long.

    More in depth descriptions of each component can be found at there manufacturer's
    websites: mobat-usa, sgcworld, and tdk-lambda, ...all 3 end in dot com.

    The SGC SG-500 SmartPowerCube 500 Watt linear amplifier is fully automated and protected by microprocessor control. This circuitry dynamically monitorsall amplifier parameters, and provides adjustments and protection against high VSWR, under voltage, over current, and high temperature conditions.

    Current- protection against over current condition (exceeding 60 amps) and
    current imbalance between amplifier modules (exceeding 20%). When one of
    these two conditions exists, the amplifier turns off.

    Volt - protection against amplifier under/over voltage (14+/-3 VDC).
    VSWR – when a sampled VSWR exceeded 4:1 and the power reflected back to the
    amplifier is higher than acceptable, the amplifier turns off.

    Temp - protection against over temperature condition.

    Atten – as input RF power level increases beyond 60-70 watts, the
    attenuation increases automatically. The Attenuate remains engaged until the
    input drops to 30 watts.

    ALC Control- provides adjustable ALC feedback voltage. A positive voltage is
    present on the Amplifier line for use with the equipped transceiver for ALC
    input control.

    PTT keying mode and Band input filter selection is enabled automatically.
    Band switching time is typically 100 msec or less. This automated capability
    is ideal for remote or unattended operating site application.

    See photo for more detail of this used but perfectly functioning 500 watt
    base station. The photos not only show the components of this (MilSpec /
    Government Issue) base station, but also the almost bullet proof
    construction techniques used. The cabinet has a few scuffs and a couple of
    small dings, but is otherwise very nice with all hardware in place and
    waiting to be mounted into your 19" rack or set on it's own table in your
    shack. The interior of the unit is of dirt & bugs and
    remains cool when operating...even at full power...due to the dual fans on
    the power supply and also on the bottom of the chassis cabinet.

    To protect the control head / speaker during shipping, I will remove it and
    wrap it in foam and place it inside the unit; its a 5 minute job to mount it
    back in place. That way the HD aluminum cabinet protects everything.

    FREE SHIPPING will be via United Parcel Service (UPS). Shipping weight: 75

    This system was last used on the air on 17m, 11-24-17 and is working
    perfectly; The documentation seen in one of the photos will be included
    (Micom 500E & SG-500 SmartPowerCube, and much more... ) but there is no
    owners manual.

    (External Power/SWR meter not included.)

    Note: this unit is for sale elsewhere also, don't drag your feet and miss out.

    Information below is from the Micom 2-TS transceiver brochure:
    M81AMN0KV5-K 1.6 MHz Tx, 100 KHz-30 MHz Rx 200 5 groups with up to 100
    channels per group 0.6 PPM 1 PPM per year 10 msec max. 10 Hz Voice: 350 to
    2700 Hz CW: 650 to 1150 Hz Low speed data: 1450 to 1950 Hz High speed data*:
    350 to 3300 Hz -300 to +600C -95% @ 500C 13.8 VDC ±20% Neg. Ground Per
    FED-STD 1045 and Mil-STD 188/141A
    HF-SSB ALE Digital Signal Proccessing radio
    125 watt PEP/A verage 1.6-30 MHz
    Output Power: Reduced Power Levels: Audio Bandwidth Ripple: Intermodulation:
    Harmonic Emissions: Spurious Emissions: Carrier Suppression: Undesired
    Sideband Suppression: Audio Distortion: 1/2 Power Mic. Sensitivity: Hum &
    Ripple: Inband Noise: Tx/Rx Switching Time: Tx Tuning Adjustments:
    TRANSMITTER 125w P.E.P. and average 25W, 62W 100W (RSS Programmable) 3 dB
    -31 dB/P.E.P. (-35 dB/P.E.P. Typical Note 1) -64 dB/P.E.P. (-70 dB/P.E.P.
    Typical Note 1) -64 dB/P.E.P. (-70 dB/P.E.P. Typical Note 1) -50 dB/P.E.P.
    -55 dB/P.E.P. 2.5% 25 to 125 mV (RMS)/600 ohms -50 dB -60 dB (30 Hz BW) 10
    msec None
    Note 1: Values noted as typical are valid over 90% or more of the frequency
    Current DrainReceiveTransmit Squelched Full Audio 2.2A3A Voice2 Tone1 Tone@
    13.8 VDC 14A23A28A
    Dimensions and Weight
    Height mm/inch 92 / 3.7 60 / 2.36
    Width mm/inch 302 / 11.9 187 / 7.367
    Depth mm/inch 285 / 11.3 70 / 2.75
    Weight Kg Lb 5.8 12.8 0.32 0.71
    0.5µv for 10 dB SINAD (0.3µv Typically.) 0.1-1.6 MHz - reduced performance
    1µv for 2.5W audio @ speaker -6 dB @ 350 to 2700 Hz -60 dB @ -1 kHz, +4 kHz
    -80 dB -85 dB -55 dB @ -1 kHz -80 dB -80 dB -100 dB @100 kHz -100 dB @100
    kHz -100 dB @100 kHz 5W @ 2.5% distortion 5µv 1V (2 dB change in output
    level) Attack time 10 msec Release time 1500 msec Attack time 10 msec
    Release time 1500 msec Constant SINAD (digital) ±200 Hz in 10 Hz steps None
    20 kV maximum transient, 100V RMS for 2 minutes
    Sensitivity (SINAD) SSB: (Voice)
    1/2 Rated Power Sensitivity: Selectivity:
    Image Rejection: IF Rejection: Undesired Sideband Rejection: Spurious
    Rejection: Intermediation Rejection: Cross ModulationRejection:
    Desensitization: Reciprocal Mixing: Audio Power @ Speaker: RGC Range: RGC
    Time Constant Voice:
    Squelch: Clarifier Range: Receiver Tuning Adjustments: Antenna Input
    Micom-2TS meets the following US military and industrial standard
    requirements for adverse environmental conditions (without the need external
    shock mounts)
    Environmental Condition
    Vibration Shock Rain Dust Salt Fog
    US Military STD 810C
    US Military STD 810D
    US Military STD 810E
    Method 514.2 516.2 506.1 510.1 509.1
    Method 514.3 516.3 506.2 510.2 509.2
    Method 514.4 516.4 506.3 510.3 509.3
    J3E, R3E, H3E, J2A, B8C 15, 80, 90 ABZ9QCC1635 ABZ9QCC1634
    Micom-2TS is an advanced Ruggedized Digital Signal Processing transceiver,
    intended for very wide area radio communications. It provides, Voice, Data,
    Fax and E-mail solutions with a high degree of sophistication, signal
    quality and reliability, while being very simple to operate.
    MICOM-2TS with its compact size provides maximum ease of installation. The
    Automatic Link Establishment-ALE (per FED-STD 1045 and MIL-STD 188/141B) is
    a Standard Feature.
    Radio Unit Control Head
    *Optional, for authorized users only.
    The Micom-2TS also meets the EIA-RS152B for shock, vibration and applicable
    test procedures, US FCC for channel occupancy, spurious, interference and
    frequency tolerance. It is manufactured according to the demanding standards
    ISO 9001 and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibilty).
    FCC information; FCC Applicable Parts of Rules: FCC Type Acceptance Number :
    With High Stability Option:
    Digital Signal Processing Radio
    125 watt PEP/A verage 1.6-30 MHz
    Enhanced DSP based Radio Platform Enhanced features for better communication
    Ruggedized Mobile / Fixed Transceiver Front panel programming Advanced
    digital technology Conforms to MIL-STD 810 and EIA Specifications ALE per
    FED-STD-1045 and MIL-STD-188/141B High MTBF Security access code Variable
    Bandwidth for optimal signal processing Voice activated digital squelch
    Programmable channel scan Digital noise blanking and clarifier Guard and
    Priority Channels Continuous duty operation (optional) Multi-language Liquid
    Crystal Display BITE (Built-in Test) Meets FCC and EMC standards Selectable
    front-end Attenuator Enhanced Voice Quality Excellent frequency stability
    Selectable Power Output Small Size, Light Weight Variable notch filter
    Sub-octave pre-selector Adaptable internal configuration options Multinet
    Operation For A.L.E (optional)

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  2. KA2FIR

    KA2FIR Ham Member QRZ Page

    What’s your email address?
  3. WB6BBB

    WB6BBB Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. KN7S

    KN7S Swapmeet Moderator Emeritus Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    This ad has been flagged for not following posted QRZ Safety Rules.

    All for-sale and for-trade listings for items exceeding $100 in value must include a photo of the item or items being offered. It must be an actual photo of the item in the seller's possession and may not be a stock or manufacturer's photo. All photos are Google searched to make sure that they are unique. A photo of the box which contains the item for sale is not sufficient. You must open the box and show the item.

    If the item being offered is valued at more than $250.00 then the sellers callsign must appear in at least one photo of each item, set and taken alongside the item offered for sale. Handwritten callsigns are preferred. Digitally superimposed call signs do not meet this requirement.

    If you are the seller you can add photos, including your call sign next to the item(s), by using the Post Reply feature in this ad.

    If you are having problems uploading pictures, please read here;
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  5. WB6BBB

    WB6BBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Please look at the revised photo, and remove your caution notice from my listing. Thank you.
  6. KN7S

    KN7S Swapmeet Moderator Emeritus Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have looked at your revised photo. I am not seeing your physical callsign in the photo with the radio.
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  7. WB6BBB

    WB6BBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    The radio is packed for shipment. I'm not going to unpack it to place a "physical" sign with my call on it in front of the radio to take a picture of it. It is a large radio weighing 75# that took me nearly an hour to pack securely. Would you be happy with a photo of the radio packed for shipment with my call in front of it? :)

    I appreciate your attempt to shield buyers from unscrupulous sellers, believe me. However, I have stipulated payment via PayPal, so a buyer will be protected by PayPal's policies. I am not requesting, nor do I want Friends and Family payment. I'll gladly pay PayPal's commission for the protection they provide both the buyer and seller. So, in this case, I don't really see a need for what is demanded to comply with the rules of this forum; PayPal's protection is real, not just wishful thinking. :)

    Thanks for your commitment to stamping out fraud in the Amateur radio marketplace. Very much appreciated, despite being imperfect in this case.

    Best regards,
  8. WB6BBB

    WB6BBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey, I've got an idea that may satisfy you.

    In the video at this link: you'll see me calling CQ on the radio in question. While it isn't a "physical" sign, it is a verbal indication that I do in fact possess the radio. If I could upload the video on this forum, I'd be happy to do that.
  9. KN7S

    KN7S Swapmeet Moderator Emeritus Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks, but still need to see the pic posted here that includes your callsign.
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  10. WB6BBB

    WB6BBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, you'll accept a photo of the shipping box with a placard bearing my call placed in front of the packed box?
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