Morse Code on Tonight Show - Friday, May 13

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, May 14, 2005.

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  1. K7JA

    K7JA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excuse me, Rick, but this thread was started as a news report about our appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    Somebody took it off in a different direction.


    Chip Margelli, K7JA
  2. AE7Q

    AE7Q Guest

    I went back and reviewed some of the negative comments in the thread:
    No one prior had said that it was; the prior comments had been about how the exposure might be beneficial publicity for amateur radio.

    The thread continued on for eight pages without a single dig or attack on Technicians. There were a few digs at the segment (FROM Technicians), and then came:
    These and other comments were ignored for another eight pages of the thread, and then it went downhill.
  3. N1IRL

    N1IRL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree Chip, but then it quickly deterioated by comments like "way to go CW, it kicked butt!" and "CW is the best!"  People started posting their comments, we posted ours!

    These comments were on the first page of the thread along with comments about the dorky outfits that cemented the image of "geeks" regarding amateur radio operators in everyone's minds as well as the practicality of carrying around a couple of Yaesu radios, antennas, CW keys and batteries or power supplies to compete with cell phones.

    Cell phones could get that message through any time of the day or night to any part of the world by carrying something we all always carry, a cell phone!  Your CW message was limited in range and could never get through, especially not knowing who would be on the other end in the real world (if anyone) to copy it and not mess it up by the time they found the person (if they could) to deliver it to.

    My comments simply brought to reality the fact that CW is an atiquated, fading mode in amateur radio!  I put some truth back into the thread, apparently you guys "can't handle the truth!"  You better get used to it though, February 2006 the CW requirement will be dropped in the USA as it has been throughout the rest of the world!

    Gives the term "silent keys" a whole new meaning, don't you think?


  4. N1IRL

    N1IRL Ham Member QRZ Page

    More like then the truth sunk in!


  5. AE7Q

    AE7Q Guest

    If those comments set N1IRL off, I (almost) feel sorry for him. That's no different from the other threads here on QRZ where a few want to change every reference to radio interference into a rant about BPL (witness the "Gerritsen" thread), or every mention of the ARRL into a rant about the ARRL.

    As I've mentioned several times on this thread, and which N1IRL has ignored, I don't use Morse code. I support keeping the Morse code requirement (along with stiffer written tests) for just one reason:


    We already have enough people who don't know how to behave on the amateur bands; we don't need more. One of the advantages of restricting these people (where possible) to the VHF/UHF bands, is that communication there is difficult without using a repeater, and the FCC has clearly established that a repeater's owners have absolute say over who uses their repeaters, and how they are used. This makes enforcement of reasonable behaviour much more immediate and practical than getting the FCC involved, except in the egregious cases. As we can see from FCC enforcement letters (and perhaps by comments here), this sticks in the craw of more than a few repeater users.
  6. W5MJL

    W5MJL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I totally agree with you. the "way to go CW" should not bring out hate like it has it this thread. It was something good for amateur radio and unfortunately no/coders didn't like the good press for code or amateur radio. They had to discuss how old-fashioned the guys looked on television and how emabarrassing it was for them.

    Get a life.
  7. kd4mxe

    kd4mxe QRZ Member QRZ Page

  8. kd4mxe

    kd4mxe QRZ Member QRZ Page

  9. W5MJL

    W5MJL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bill you can look and see where the thread changed from good to bad. You can see the people that took the thread in a different direction. If you did, you would not be asking me if I was speaking of you.
  10. kd4mxe

    kd4mxe QRZ Member QRZ Page

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