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Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by K0MB, Dec 18, 2016.

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  1. WO7R

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    JT1CO has paper QSLed some of the most important contacts I have ever had.

    Other "JT" ops are similar in my experience.

    JT1CO does do LOTW, but on a very relaxed schedule, So do several others. If you have the patience, for any JT call, wait a year and see. Then, follow up with an email and/or a paper (direct) QSL.
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  2. SQ5EBM

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    I did ask him 2 weeks ago via email for LOTW as our postal service is still blocking any outgoing letters to Mongolia (covid ,they say) but got no reply. So today i asked again. This one QSLed would mean DXCC#100 on 160m and 9BDXCC. There are a couple others i am waiting for. Some LOTWs, some direct. 97 QSLed on 160m in LOTW, 2 w/paper QSLs. Awaiting on ZF5/CE/VR/TZ and some others. Still hunting that E51WL :). I saw him for a sec on 160m yesterday. Seen reports on dxc that he was QRV this morning on 80 but no luck on my side. I can't seem to get him on 40 and above. Already waiting for a QSL from South Cook. Working him and QSLing would mean that my LOTW+paper count would reach 300 QSLed. Still can't get any QSL from Fernando de Noronha for 2 QSOs with the ARAUCARIA DX GROUP. Emailed them, messaged on FB, asked in comments and no reply at all. I guess their english is limited to contesting only ;-)
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  3. K5ABB

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    I have 5 qso's with JT1CO/JT5DX, all in 2018 and 2019, and no LOTW confirmations, all were solid qso's... I could use a few of those band slots....
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