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  1. AC0BX

    AC0BX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am new to the digital modes, as of a couple of days ago. I've been using Digipan without to many problems. Well last night I downloaded the trial version of MixW. It is functioning on receive no problems. I've got the ptt set up to key my radio no problems, but it doesn't modulate the radio. I reopened Digipan just to be sure everything was still connected right. and it worked fine. The only difference I can tell is that the when I click on "tune" in Digipan I get a lower tone out of my computer speakers than I do with MixW Other than that I don't know what isn't working. If I max the computer volume out I get about 5 watts deflection on my mfj versatuner meter where as with Digipan I'm getting 50 watts deflection with less than half volume on the computer.

    Anyway just for background info I'm running a TenTec Omni C with a MFJ Versatuner, and an OCF dipole. I have a 500Mhz Athalon computer.

    Thanks for the input

  2. AC0BX

    AC0BX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I forgot to mention that I am keying the ptt using the serial port and the dtr and rts lines. I can hear the radio keying, so I know it is working and it works fine with Digipan.
  3. AC0BX

    AC0BX Ham Member QRZ Page

    well it turns out it is actually the RTS line, but in anycase the ptt is working fine, it's the modulation thats giving me a problem.
  4. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    I need some more answers from you before I can attempt to troubleshoot your problem.

    You said "lower tone" from Digipan. How much lower? Just a few "notes" or something like half the frequency? If MixW is sending out tones in excess of 3 Khz or so, your sideband filters will cut the level down as you are describing.

    What mode are you trying when you generate these tones? I would assume PSK31, but I cannot be sure.

    Have you clicked the left mouse button on some incoming signal, and when you try to transmit, are the tones coming out the same as the ones you are receiving?

    Have you checked the audio properties for whatever mode you are trying? MixW can set different audio levels for the different protocols.

    Have you tried adjusting your soundcard by using the MixW calibration procedure found in the SSTV mode? Try receiving WWV and see if the row of dots that is formed is a straight line, or leaning left or right. The instructions are found in the help files.

    Good luck, try some of these things and give us some more info.

    73 from Jim AG3Y
  5. W5HTW

    W5HTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Be sure your sound card volume is set properly, and uncheck anything that is muted. As an experiment you can set the sound mixer controls to maximum, though you won't want to operate with them set like that! Once you have determined if sound settings are the problem, then you can adjust them to correct levels. For transmit, the sound cards "playback" controls are the ones of interest, but the record controls will interact.

    Other than that, I have no suggestions, except to be sure your interface is wired or jumpered correctly.

  6. AC0BX

    AC0BX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well I'm sure the interface is wired and connected properly as it works fine with Digikey.

    I was trying to use it with psk and the digipan tone sounds to me like 1khz, I could be wrong though. I'm not sure about mix w it might be 2khz. I'll have to break out the freq counter this evening.

    I haven't tried responding to a cq with it yet because I realized it wasn't working when I tried to tune up.

    I'm not sure what to do with the audio properties. I looked at them, but I'm not sure what they are supposed to be set at.

    I will try the wwv sstv cal tonight as well.

    thanks again,

  7. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    Double-click on the little speaker icon on the task bar, and your audio mixer should pop up. You should be able to see which channels are muted and which are active. The "receive" channels correspond to the "microphone" or "line" recording properties, and the "transmit" channels correspond to the "playback" properties. They should not be changing radically between the two programs. It sounds to me as if they might be!

    Hope this helps!

    73 from Jim
  8. AC0BX

    AC0BX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well mysteriously it started working. I check the sound card volume setting and they were identical and now all of a sudden it is working so I don't know, but thanks anyway for all the help. I am going to do the sstv alignment anyway, but I'm glad it is working properly. I like the Mixw a lot. It has a lot more features than digipan.

    Thanks alot Jim for all of your help, on this post and the other one. Maybe I'll catch you on the air some time.


    Jason KG4YSC
  9. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    Hey, that's what we're here for !

    There is a complete web site devoted to MixW:

    Also, a discussion group on Yahoo, if you are familiar with those:

    Maybe you can get more help from there. MixW is fairly expensive to "register" but you can't knock success. I just happen to be a bit of a tightwad, myself, and think the authors could charge a bit less ! My personal opinion .

    73 from Jim AG3Y
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