mixw and yaesu 1500m

Discussion in 'Rig Control, Propagation, Cluster, & Other Softwar' started by KD5ZEW, Nov 6, 2003.

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  1. KD5ZEW

    KD5ZEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    anyone have any experiance useing mixw and a yaesu 1500m (or comparable radio)?
    i have a few Q's like how can yo set it up to transmit outgoing information? what kind of cable do i need to make? can i use the soundcard to interface and send data thru the radio without an external TNC?
    any information would be apreciated. THX in advance.

  2. KD5KUF

    KD5KUF Guest

    I use the 1500m as my digital radio. One word of advice is to disable both squelches in the menu and set the time-out timer to 3 minutes, in case of transmit lockup. The squelches can interfere with digital mode reception. You can turn listening audio down and still monitor frequency usage, without annoying volume levels. This radio does SSTV and packet like a dream. MixW may or may not work, I didn't want to pay $50 when there are fine free programs to do what I want.

    I built a soundcard interface with common parts and it works great. I built the circuit in a 35mm film cannister lid and use the cannister to cover the circuit and to run the hookup cables into. A ps/2 style computer mouse cable fits the data socket on the back of the radio. Plenty of old dead mouses/mice? around. The scematic for the keying circuit can be found at www.neoksimplex.com and when looking at the 1500m manual for the data socket, remember the cord plug is a mirror image (swap left for right). Cost to get going can be $0-$5 unless you buy everything new. Still far cheaper than a TNC. But setting up this kind of system is not for the plug and play gang. It can provide interesting challenges but works great once you get lined out. My son and I have two setups just like this, operating from the same QTH. Go for it.  [​IMG]

    AGWPacketEngine is a good software TNC emulator and will run AGWterminal or Winpack packet programs. MMSSTV runs the soundcard by itself. [​IMG]
  3. KD5ZEW

    KD5ZEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks that helps alot... i had mixw that a friend gave me cause he had no more use for it. thought i should make use of it but i will probly taake your advice and use one of those programs and fabricate my own cable... thanks again.
  4. KD5KUF

    KD5KUF Guest

    I just found out that KC5TER took down the schematics, and have asked him to put them back on the webpage. They should be back up in a day or two.
    73, de KD5KUF Joe
  5. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    If your friend gave you the software and the "key" to keep it running for more than the evaluation period, it would be hard for you to beat MixW !

    However, as has been mentioned before, there are several other programs that do as good or better a job on one or two protocols than MixW does. The advantage to MixW is that every protocol has the same "look and feel" so when you learn how to change parameters on one, you pretty much can do it on all of them. ( like changing baud rate, tone shift, etc. )

    There are all kinds of interfaces available to go from your computer to the radio, ranging from quite simple ( a resistor and capacitor ) , to fairly complex ( opto-isolators, transformers, etc. ) You will quickly be able to figure out how little or much is enough.

    MixW and all of the "soundcard" software depends on the computer's ability to change the digital data to tones, and back again. For that reason, you should not try to use anything less than a 133 Mhz Pentium II class machine. If you are starting out with a new computer, that will not be a problem.

    Another caveat is that some of the newer soundcards are not 100 percent Soundblaster compatible. You may end up with timing problems and wierd results in that case. My best experience has been running a fairly fast ( but not necessarily the fastest ) computer with a true 16 bit soundblaster sound card. This seems to give the best compromise between computer speed and the ability to use the most software that is out there.

    "Of course, your milage may vary . . . etc. "

    73 for now, and keep asking questions!

    Jim AG3Y
  6. KD5ZEW

    KD5ZEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    yes he gave e the full $50 key and all.not sure if its trully transferable but it still only has one user so it's not too illegal. =)

    Also if any one knows of a any programs that i can use to utilaze the serial port on hte computer and the ps/2 style port on the radio that woudl be of great help also
    i have everything i need to build a ps/2 to serial cable except the pinout for the serial side, and software to utilize it. any help on that would be much aporeciated. if i don't get what i need on this thread i will ask that as a seperate threaded question. thanks again all.
  7. KD5KUF

    KD5KUF Guest

    On a db9 serial connector pin 5 and pin 7 are used but a keying relay circuit must be built to change from voltage applied to shorting the PTT circuit. Watch that webpage I gave you until the schematic is reposted.
    Your 1500m came with the book and a schematic that shows the data port connection, the cable is a mirror image of that. It really is quite simple to build. [​IMG]
  8. KD5ZEW

    KD5ZEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    so is hte db9 mirrored to the 6pin mini-din(ps2)?
    pins 1 to 1 and 6 to 6 etc?
    i will just toss a transistor into the db9 or ps2 plug case for the PTT.

    edited for a dumb question.
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