MINI600 Antenna analyzer 0.1-600mhz

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by BG6GLL, Sep 21, 2018.

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  1. BG6GLL

    BG6GLL QRZ Member

    The MINI600 version of 2019 adopts AD single chip computer to manage the power consumption of batteries.

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  2. BG6GLL

    BG6GLL QRZ Member

  3. OH6MY

    OH6MY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi! I also ordered and received one in late February. I tested it and it worked fine out of the box. Then I downloaded the ST-link here: and uploaded the latest DH1AKF software which was easy as a walk in the park! I then run the oscillator test from the extended setup and it allowed me to reach 1409 MHz! Then I opened it up, removed the battery/charger circuit board to get access to the VNA-circuit board and opened the "normal" link and soldered it into "HW-test" position. Reran the HW-calibration and and other setup-stuff. Soldered the link back into normal position and rerun the OSL-calibration procedure. Put everything back together and it works like a charm up to 1400 MHz! I also put a small photo of my QSL-card in .png format on the micro-SD card to show up as a splash-screen while the Analyzer is booting up.

    I downloaded the AntScope 4.3.5 for windows program from RigExpert: and I can control the Mini600 with USB-cable with my PC up to 1000 MHz just telling the AntScope that I am using the AA1000.
    The built-in battery allows me to run the Mini600 at least 3 - 4 hours when fully charged.
    Don't hesitate! there are many dealers over at Aliexpress and and you can do a lot of squeezing pricewise if you have a little patience...
    I bought mine here: and the delivery was fast and the service excellent. But the Analyzer first got stuck in the customs here but that is another story...:oops:
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