MFJ-9406X 6 Meter Adventure Radio

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by kk4ken, Feb 5, 2003.

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  1. kk4ken

    kk4ken Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am working on setting up a 6-Meter station at my present QTH or I might make it mobile.  There's no telling right now.  At the moment, I'm looking at cost versus features.  I have a few radios in mind, but this one struck my fancy because it's appears to be simple and just what I need since my HT handles 2m and 70cm just fine.  What I need to know: does this radio use an interface which can be interfaced with a computer sound card for packet work?

    I am interested in PSK31 and SSTV, but 6 Meters will be the closest I can get to HF until I get my General class license.  Has anyone else here used this radio for packet work and, if so, how well does it operate?  


  2. KB9YKY

    KB9YKY Banned QRZ Page

    Why worry about sstv and packet on 6 meters? Almost all good contacts and QSOs are on SSB phone or CW. The same holds true on 2 meters and 432. On ANY band, being stuck on FM mode is a great disadvantage. SSB and/or CW are essential for much of anything besides local, line of sight, communications.
  3. KG4UDX

    KG4UDX Ham Member QRZ Page

    YKY, is it your personal goal in life to put down 6m FM every time someone mentions it? In any case, the radio he mentions is a 6m SSB radio.
  4. KB9YKY

    KB9YKY Banned QRZ Page

    UDX: No, I am not out to put it "down" when someone mentions 6 meter FM. I just hate to see someone new to 6 waste their time and money on what is going to give them poor results and performance. Six meters is a great band and definately one of the most interesting. Those that make the mistake of going the FM route never get to know how wonderful and the true nature of it. Same holds true of the other VHF/UHF bands. Getting away from FM and doing distant weak signal work, and alot of strong signal DX, is a "different world" that those in the FM rut never have the experience of knowing. Also, getting them using a VFO rather than a channel selector is good.
  5. KB9YKY

    KB9YKY Banned QRZ Page

    A comment on the MFJ 9406 that Ken mentions...The 9406 has a reputation of having an excellant receiver, with a very good signal to noise ratio. I have a good notion to order one, with the optional CW board, and check it out. When the band is open to the southern states, I find alot of mobiles running this little rig...and the audio that I hear out of them sounds just great. For mobile operations, the simple, straight forward control layout (no bells and whistles) should make running it a breeze. Really the only thing that I don't like about the 9406 is the lack of a RIT...which is certainly not a fatal flaw. A very small matter to look at when buying one...some of the earlier models lack an external speaker jack....although not a big deal to rig one up, if desired. I think that a newcomer to 6 meters will be very happy, and impressed, with the 9406 the first time they catch a band opening. [​IMG]
  6. KB9YKY

    KB9YKY Banned QRZ Page

    More to come on the 9406. Yesterday, I went ahead and ordered a 9406X, with the optional 416 cwboard, from AES in Ohio. It should arrive here this morning. I will post hands-on reports on this interesting little transceiver soon. [​IMG]
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