For Sale MFJ 40/20 meter OCF Dipole

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W9EBK, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. W9EBK

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    I am selling my 5 year old MFJ-2010 Off-Center Fed Dipole antenna. As expected for an antenna that has been outdoors for 5 years the copper wire has a dark patina, the feedline is stained black thanks to my neighbor’s shade tree, and there is rust on the screws that hold the plastic feed section together, but electrically I experienced zero problems with it. I took it down to replace it with the MFJ-2012 1 KW version of the same design so I can use an amplifier if I want. I am including about 35 feet of Belden RG-8X with the antenna. The feedline is terminated with a PL-259, so you should be able to string it up with some lightweight rope and get on the air right away. $35 plus actual shipping cost. It will weigh about 5 pounds once it’s packed. I accept Pay-Pal or we can work something out. I prefer you contact me via email rather than leave a message on QRZ.

    For those not familiar with the design it is a 66 foot long 40 meter dipole, but instead of feeding it directly at the center, it is fed with a 4:1 balun 1/3 of the way along its length. This allows it to match on 40 meters and 20 meters. The pattern is the standard figure 8 dipole pattern on 40 and has 4 lobes with about 3 Db gain on 20 meters. I found that at a height of 15 feet it did indeed present a very low SWR across the band, and patterned as expected on both 20 and 40. According to MFJ it also works nicely on 10 meters and 6 meters. My results were that it matched 50 Ohms very high in the band on both 10 and 6. I mean all the way up in the FM portion of both bands. With my auto tuner 28 MHz and 50 MHz matched well enough to keep the radio happy and I made some contacts. With my new MFJ-2012 I find a similar result, although a bit lower in the band on both 6 and 10. This poor match could be the result of having it up just 15 feet, or having 3 buildings with in 30 feet of it.

    Don, W9EBK

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  2. W9EBK

    W9EBK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Per email I received- This antenna is very light weight. As I remember, it I put it up with 3/16 inch Dacron rope and had no issues with it for 5 years. MFJ's unusual end insulators don't cause any serious wear on the rope.
  3. W9EBK

    W9EBK Ham Member QRZ Page

    still available
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