SOLD MFJ-1263 Microphone Control Center

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W4ATX, Jun 18, 2017.

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  1. W4ATX

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    MFJ-1263 Microphone Control Center lets you mix and match any two microphones to any two transceivers. You can easily look up any/all MFJ products so I won't post details about the box itself. I never got around to using this...but I did have it hooked up to my Yaesu rig for a while. Both cables included along with the instruction manual, but I do not have the original box. It will come well packaged. It has a couple of very minor scratches on top...the picture makes it look worse than it really is.

    $75 shipped to lower 48 states. PayPal only. No international sale. My info here on QRZ is all good but my listed email is NOT my PayPal address. Contact me here via PM or in this thread and we will discuss details.



  2. W4ATX

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    Direct from the MFJ manual:

    Front panel pushbutton selection is available to insert an external audio input such as a sound card, a voice keyer, a TNC, etc, into the microphone line to one radio (of your choice). Voice keyers ordinarily are connected through a microphone input.
  3. W4ATX

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    This switch is perfect for connecting a voice keyer for contesting and be able to switch it in/out at the press of a button! Or, switch between 2 different mics on a single radio...or even between 2 different radios. This allows a lot of flexibility with mics/audio sources.
  4. W4ATX

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    SOLD...Thanks John!
  5. QRZ
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