Meteor Scatter using msk144 (WSJT-X 1.9.1)

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KD2NOM, Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. KD2NOM

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    Good morning,

    I am interested in using WSJT-X for Meteor Scatter and am looking for a good 'getting started' guide. I have my software configured properly and am actually able to watch some 'pings' come in on 6 meter (50.260). I started a QSO with a station but was not able to complete it.

    I have been looking at for on-going CQ's, setting up SKED's etc. I noticed that the site states that 50.260 is the CALLING frequency for NA, but not the OPERATING frequency.

    One of the stations I attempted to work was calling CQ as 'Callsign 270 GRID' - when I attempted to QSO my rig automatically QSY'd to 50.270 (I assume that is what the '270' refers to in the above CQ example).

    I looked over the WSJT-X manual in the msk144 section and did not see reference to the auto-QSY capabilities - so I am looking for a reference guide or quick start guide as well as best practices for the mode.

    Best regards,

  2. KD2NOM

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    I actually found this one by looking at the interface and using the pop-up help:

    'Check this to call CQ on the "Tx CQ" frequency. Rx will be on the current frequency and the CQ message will include the current Rx frequency so callers know which frequency to reply on."

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