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Men Behaving badly

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N3MVF, Jul 19, 2002.

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  1. N0XAS

    N0XAS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I threw together a quick and dirty Texas Potato Masher (actually a TPM-II), but made the mistake of trying to use 1/4" copper tubing. Bad idea. I'm planning to make one for 70cm with some 8AWG or so wire, and probably either a plain old quad or crossed Yagis circularly polarized for 2m. I want to hang them in the garage with an upside-down mounted Radio Shack TV rotor and fire up my old much-abused DR-510T in the basement. I was using the TMP-II on a Yaesu handie for receive and my mobile for transmit, worked OK but the TMP-II is so far off square and all... it's better than the mobile antenna though.

    My old Comet mobile antenna worked fine for the satellites other than a lot of fade, but it was too tall for the garage and kept folding itself over as I drove. Replaced it with a much, much nicer Diamond dual band antenna, but it doesn't hear sats for squat - hence my current absence from that mode. I was very slowly working on VUCC and WAS, was up to 6 states, woo-hoo! [​IMG]

    Catch you on simplex some time... I monitor it whenever I'm in the car, morning and afternoon drives and often around lunch time too.

  2. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why not post a summary of how to build the Texas Potatoe Masher here on QRZ. I'm sure a few people would be interested in it's construction. It sounds like it may be and off-shoot from the VHF Egg-Beater of several years back.
    Your post would be informational, much better than all the crying and whining that show's up.This may be a Semi-Social Ham Radio Forum but that doesn't necessarily include crying on every one's shoulder,that's what Moms and Yl's are for.....HIHI
    Tnx Adam for the input......    73,   ORV
  3. KC0KVU

    KC0KVU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ouch!....that copper tubing is a menace!!  I tried using that on my first helix antenna.  Never finished it!

    Instead of typing it all out on qrz (it would make for a meticulous post, without needed graphics), I'll put it on my antenna page tonight and it should be up and running by 7am.  I'm at work and have plenty of time to kill.  If it gets popular enough I'll make a formal post on qrz.  And in fact, the TPM is a variation of the eggbeater!

    KCØKVU's Antenna Page

    I got my first Sat QSO using my RadioShack 5/8 wave on the back of my Honda, using a homebrew 70cm yagi and scanner for receive.  I still use the scanner, but the 70cm Yagi was a real pain to aim during a sat pass (armstrong).  There was a lot of heavy fading on SO-41 once the pass got above 30deg of elevation.  UO-14 was a little better, but still not up to par.  Anymore I just have the TPM-II mounted on my balcony at 5-10 deg of elevation at around 45deg azimuth and I don't have to move it at all for my easterly passes.  Not sure what you mean by the TMP-II being off-square though.  
    That yagi that I mentioned earlier used to be  a RadioShack FM Stereo 6ele beam.  I found directions to revamp it into a 5ele, .5wave beam for 2M in an old issue of QST which was posted to the internet somewhere.  For $20, you can't beat having commercial element isolators, an aluminum beam and sturdy elements.  The only drawback to using this antenna, or any yagi I suppose, on sats is that once the satellite gets above a certain elevation (about 50-60deg) its tough to get into the sat.  Of course that's where az/el controllers become invaluble!  
    Anyway, spose I better get crackin so that there's a webpage for the TMP-II come morning.  Viva La 3rd Shift!

  4. N0XAS

    N0XAS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Or you can check out K5OE's pages here. He's done an awful lot of work on his own antennas, my hat's off to him.
  5. KC0KVU

    KC0KVU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Absolutely!...I've got his site linked for the TPM. He's got some incredible stuff.
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