Mega Tree Construction, Part 4

Discussion in 'Pixel Nights or Christmas Lights' started by AA7BQ, Mar 25, 2021.

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  1. AA7BQ

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    The big day is almost here. I've got the parts made and have found a spot in the backyard for testing.

    As my luck had it, I was working alone this day and I erected the entire structure by myself. I did not know for sure if it was possible but I was pleased to find out that it actually stood on its own on the interior base while I attached the guy wires.


    Finally, standing tall and proud. I don't know why it appears to be leaning in the photo. It doesn't.
    Note that bungee cords are used to attach the light strands to the base.


    I made a similar mounting system for the power supply and controller boxes


    One funny thing was the Anderson PowerPole connector block shown in this picture. It had 8 contacts and they weren't able to support the weight of the cables behind them. They were always loose and falling out. Note that this connection of 8 wires was providing 120A at 12V to the box.

    I went on Amazon and looked for a set of good, sturdy, waterproof connectors that could pass the 120 amps and not cost a fortune. The search led me to the 7-pin 5th wheel trailer connector. These things are strong, beefy, waterproof, and cheap. Ding ding ding!


    So that's how my mega tree was built. I'll bet you're wondering what it looks like when I turn it on...

    Stay tuned for the next in the series!

    73 -fred
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  2. K1LKP

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  3. K2WH

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    Why do I suspect there is a discone in your future ?

    Where did you get such beefy light strands, I assume they are LED ?

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