Mayday! FT-818ND SSB Filter Problem

Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by WB1CDG, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. WB1CDG

    WB1CDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can't find an answer to this one online... I installed the SSB filter in the FT-818 (both brand new) and turned it on IAW the menu system, but whenever I use the SSB filter, the radio goes deaf. I turn the SSB filter off, and get great reception! With the filter on, I can slowly (agonizingly slowly) spin the dial across the 20M band and hear nothing, but when I turn the SSB filter off, the band comes to life with tons of signals! I landed a IL to WVA contact (700+ miles) at 5/9 and another from southern IL to Chicago (250+ miles) at 5/9 -- both using USB at 2.5w out, with a 47" vertical counterpoised with a tape measure strung out a dozen feet or so across my patio, and a Z-817 tuner. It worked like gangbusters... without the SSB filter. Then I flipped the SSB filter "on" again via the menu system, and again the radio went deaf again. What the heck is going on? Anybody got any ideas?
    - WB1CDG
  2. WW2PT

    WW2PT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Check the solder joints on the filter? (I can’t remember if the FT-817/818 has plug-in filters...)
  3. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Haven't seen inside an 818, but is it possible the filter is plugged in one pin off, or installed backwards? If you switch the filter on, and hear nothing, the filter isn't passing a signal.
  4. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Does the radio require a setting to be changed in the Setup Menu for the filter?
  5. WB1CDG

    WB1CDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I double/triple checked the YF-122S filter installation (page 68 in the manual) and reviewed several online instructions (like this one, for the 817: and still no luck. It's a plug-in filter with 3 pins on one end and 4 on the other, so there's no way to get it in offset or backwards. No soldering required. After physically installing it, I changed the menu setting #38 (OP FILTER) to "SSB" and it went immediately deaf. I switched menu #38 to "CW" and it received fine... just like it did with the setting #38 turned to "OFF." I thought maybe they sent me a CW filter not an SSB filter, so double-checked THAT, too... it's the YF-122S SSB filter unit, like it's supposed to be. No luck at all. I tried setting my "Active Filter" function by hitting F once and getting into the rotating the dial to Position 7, adn hit button C which is "NAR" and still no luck. I think I'm going bald from pulling my hair out!!! :-(
  6. KQ4MM

    KQ4MM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Be sure its label up, it can be installed label down and wont work..

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  7. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Send it bk for an exchange.
  8. WB1CDG

    WB1CDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll check it on Sunday to be sure it's label-up. Thanks for the tip!
    - Dave WB1CDG
  9. WB1CDG

    WB1CDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh good grief! Look up "embarrassed" in the dictionary and you'll see my ugly mug! Yup, I installed the doggone filter upside-down! Impossible to install it offset on the pins, or backwards, thanks to the 3-pin on one end and 4-pin on the other. But it'll install upside-down quite easily! It drops in there slick as a whistle! After flipping it over it works 100% FB. Boy, oh boy, do I feel stupid. I've only been a ham for 42 years. Good grief. Can I erase this question from the internet and make believe I never opened my big mouth? ;-) Stuff was much easier when everything was big and tubes glowed! Thanks, Brian (KQ4MM) for helping me remedy my temporary idiocy. Now I just need a magnifying glass to see that little 818's screen and tiny little girl-fingers so I can actually *push* the mini-buttons. I love the radio, but BOY HOWDY is it tiny!!!
    - Dave WB1CDG
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  10. KQ4MM

    KQ4MM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Too funny Dave .. If I had a nickel for every bone head mistake I ever made ... well, ya know ... glad it worked out and I was able to help.

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