Maybe the dumbest question on QRZ ever

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KC2KQH, Apr 17, 2004.

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  1. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    For the average Ham shack the Greenlee is the way to go and they are still available,although the prices are 20 times what they were 35 or 40 years ago. Another item you might run across is the "ROTEX PUNCH". This was a multiple punch,that you rotate the dies to match the size you wanted.It was used in sheet metal and proto type labs,they are around from companies who have gone under. If you can find one in good shape at a cost less than your first born, then grab it.
  2. K6PME

    K6PME Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a Greenlee DMM that I'm very happy with and I know their quality is good. About the Rotex Punch. Is that like a leather type punch? I have one of those around somewhere. I didn't think it could be used on sheet type metal.
  3. N0PU

    N0PU Guest

    For smaller holes a punch is better than a drill...

    I recommend the Whitney Number 5 jr...

    Here is a real one on ebay...
    Watch out for the ones made in china...the steel in them is junk and won't last although they call them a number 5 they just aren't the same...
  4. N0PU

    N0PU Guest

    If UEY is talking about the turret puch...heres a picture of one...
    I used one something like that in prototyping when I was working in an R&D shop... VERY NICE...
  5. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Monty,I am not familiar with the leather punch,but I would not be surprised that they sold punch's for that purpose. The one's I have used were a table about waste high with a large round disc containing the multiple dies roughly a 3 foot diameter disc and a round  rotating table  containing the punch's,it had a long punch handle much like an Arbor Press. You line up the die and the punch of the size you wish, insert the material and lower the handle to punch, much like the action of a Greenlee but an Arbor action not a jackscrew action.You could get specialized punch's for instance db9 and db25 connectors "D" hole for BNC connectors, simply one action punch ,round punch's square ,rectangle many different types could be inserted into the table for specialized purposes.

    Yes that is what I had in mind,looks a little different than I described but it has been a few years since I worked in the lab as a technician. Notice the opening bid starts at 2K, they are not cheap, but if you do alot of metal fab they are real handy.

    For the new people,early technicans also were required to make up their own chassis when breadboarding a new proto type circuit,you were expected to know the Electronics as well as the mechanical fab.PRE- 21st Century.
  6. K6PME

    K6PME Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok, thats looks considerably stouter than what I was thinking of. It looks to be compound lever action so it seems it should work real well. I'll have to keep my eye out for one. (I've never bought anything from e-bay)

    Thanks for the tip.

    Wow! I just looked at the Rotex punch. Thats one STOUT punch! And a bit pricy at that. Sure would be nice though...
  7. N0PU

    N0PU Guest


    Buying stuff off ebay has to be your decision... I've never had a problem and have bought about 50 items... Just be careful...

    I was only using those for the pictures... NOT recommending a purchase...
  8. K6PME

    K6PME Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is an industrial supply house not too far from where I work that might have something like that. (Grainger I think it's called.) I think I might go have a look next time I'm in that part of town.

    Well, off to help the room mate buy a car.......Have a GREAT day! Thanks for the advise.
  9. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Whitney 5 Jr is a great metal punch, could not live without them, I have three. Also, there is a set of "hollow wall" punches, just steel tubes ground to sharp points on one end. You just hit it with a hammer, or with your xyl if she has not been good. You can make one on demand if you have a tube and grinder. [​IMG]

  10. N0PU

    N0PU Guest


    I miss having a metal shop at my finger tips... I even used that turret punch to put holes in perf board for solid state prototypes... made a lot of special chassis for different projects... dirty hands one day... clean room the next... in between trying to teach the drafting types how to keep the analog and digital signals separated... always something new... always something different... never a boring day...

    Engineers coming in off 3 martini lunches with something scribbled on a napkin... and we had to build it and prove why he shoulda been sober when he designed stuff...

    For that matter I miss the whole atmosphere of an electronics R & D shop...
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