Massive problem possible with all Yaesu FT-450D radios!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by K1ROY, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. K1ROY

    K1ROY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have discovered a possible widespread problem with the new Yaesu FT-450D model. There is an ocillation buzzing or high pitch hum close to 800hz that is getting into your tx audio. Many contacts you have will not detect it because your signal may be too low or noise on your hf band will cover it up. Please monitor yourself closely with headphones if you own one of these great little radios. It will also be picked up in the digital recording unit which is built in to this little radio. If you listen closely, you will detect it in your receiving audio on an external speaker by turning down the volume all the way and putting your ear up to your external speaker. I have heard it from others on the air also with this radio recently. I returned my ft-450D last week while I still could to HRO and bought the ft-950 and believe me I did not want to spend the extra money before Xmas season right now!. It is certainly too bad about this problem. There are coments about this posted on Eham also under reviews from another station. I firmly believe it maybe a grounding problem due to the display on this radio causing the noise to filter into the audio. I am quite confident about what I heard because I am an audiophile nut and have golden ears, hi hi. Any other comments about this problem I would love to hear more from you...thanks!
  2. WV3X

    WV3X Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was able to reproduce this. It is quite noticeable when you use the voice record function.

    Researching a solution, I came across this:
    The front panel is connected by a thin ribbon cable. The circuit board has two small metal standoff boxes with springlike tabs at the bottom left and right sides of the circuit board. These tabs press against the metal plate of the main housing to act as a ground connection. It seems that this arrangement is insufficient. I tested a few extra, solidly attached ground wires from the standoff boxes to the main housing frame and one from a circuit board mounting screw touching the ground plane of the board also to the main unit housing.

    The result was the complete elimination of the hum.

    I don't have a good route figured out for the new ground wire it needs, but the front plate has a good quarter inch of standoff behind it and several nice openings with available chassis screws to attach to.

    If anyone else would care to replicate this fix and verify at least two instances of a working fix, I'm sure the other owners of FT-450Ds would greatly appreciate it.

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2011
  3. UX0IM

    UX0IM Guest

    Yes, you're right, the hum disappears completely. But only the extra wire is desirable to establish the contrary microphone input. One wire is enough.
  4. MM6BIP

    MM6BIP Ham Member QRZ Page

    hi i also have the ft450d,and i have done this mod,and it does get rid of hum on tx,but is stll there on rx all be it,at v low in audio,i have been in touch with yaesu,but they seem to be in denial about this.I think they know but dont want to admit to it, this should not have happened,as they knew about this fault with the ft450,as far as i can make out its the lighting used for the display,that's the cause , and poor earthing of front panel,not what you expect from a 850 pound radio from yaesu,if you also have had this please make yaesu aware of it,as i feel this radio should be called in and people compensated for the selling of substandard radio.Adam
  5. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Have not heard or had anyone report this issue with my 450D. I'm not denying there may be a few units that have this problem, but I don't think every unit that rolls off the assembly line has this "fatal" flaw.
  6. K1ROY

    K1ROY Ham Member QRZ Page

    unless you work someone close to you or give someone a 20 over signal, they are very possibly going to miss hearing this problem. Did you monitor your transmitted signal closely? Put on some headphones if you have not done so already and listen closely. It is possible not every ft-450d has this but I have run into a handful so far and this defect is unexcusable because the ft-450 at also had this problem. Do not accept this stuff from these companies, they expect hams to fix their own problems. They would never get away with this stuff if this was regular consumer electronics because the general public would not have the technical know how to repair their own problems. Complain to Yaesu now! I returned mine as mention above and bought the ft-950 but I gotta tell you, that ft-450d is a fine radio minus this issue! Yaesu, like all the big name ham companies usually deny these issues, believe me I have seen it with Kenwood and Icom too as I called them and they know nothing about it. baloneeeeee....they know alright.
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